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With so many online schools to choose from, finding the right one takes time. To aid in the search, we created and frequently update this list of the best online colleges. Using data like graduate success rate, accreditation status, and affordability, we ranked the top 10 schools below.

Enrollment in online colleges continues to rise each year. According to, in August 2020, 39% of incoming college freshman indicated that they would prefer to take all classes online.

Accredited Online College Programs

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Thanks to online learning, students can pursue their career goals from anywhere with wifi. Online learners benefit from affordable online colleges by avoiding room and board costs and by saving time and money on commuting expenses. This convenient learning format suits self-motivated individuals who want flexibility. In the later sections, we discuss the goals and requirements for online degrees, reasons why students often choose this learning format, as well as scholarships for distance learners.

Top 10 Online Accredited Schools

? This represents the average net price of attendance for full-time students as gathered by the National Center for Education Statistics. Individual costs may vary. Costs per credit hour may also vary by program or degree.
Rank School Avg Net Price ? This represents the average net price of attendance for full-time students as gathered by the National Center for Education Statistics. Individual costs may vary. Costs per credit hour may also vary by program or degree.
1 University of Florida $11313
2 California State University-Fresno $6771
3 California State University-Bakersfield $6025
4 California State University-Los Angeles $4403
5 Indiana University-Bloomington $11931
6 California State University-Sacramento $9885
7 University of Connecticut $19650
8 The University of Texas at Austin $14156
9 Colorado State University-Fort Collins $17914
10 Palm Beach State College $3064

Common Questions from Prospective Online College Students

  • Q. Can you get a college degree completely online?

    Yes, many colleges offer completely online degrees. However, some online degrees may require minimal in-person requirements like proctored exams.

  • Q. How much does it cost to get an online degree?

    An online degree’s cost varies. Some schools offer reduced tuition for online learners, and distance learners often save on commuting expenses.

  • Q. Do employers like online degrees?

    As the popularity of online learning continues to increase, more employers have begun to view degrees from online schools as legitimate. Employers generally respect degrees from accredited online schools.

  • Q. Is an online degree as good as traditional?

    Most online degrees cover the same topics as traditional degrees. To evaluate an online program’s quality, consider connecting with a program graduate, verify the school’s accreditation status, and read through course descriptions.

What Are the Goals of an Online College Degree?

Online degrees help students achieve their career goals without sacrificing their current goals and values. For example, many online learners can maintain a full-time or part-time job while earning their degree. Busy parents can still attend online school and complete lessons between school drop off times.

Students can choose an online learning format that caters to their needs and goals. For example, learners who need the flexibility of online learning but want more accountability can enroll in a synchronous online program. These programs require live virtual class sessions. Alternatively, learners who desire even more freedom can select an asynchronous program that features recorded online lectures.

Why Get an Online Degree at Accredited Online Colleges?

Online degrees feature many personal and professional benefits. The list below includes five such perks. Interested students should also talk with current online learners to discover more.

Reduced Tuition
Many online programs feature lower tuition rates. Some colleges even extend the same discounted in-state tuition rate to online learners. Students attending class virtually may avoid paying extra fees, such as campus maintenance and extracurricular activity fees.
No Commute
Students no longer need to relocate to attend their dream program or spend hours a day driving to and from class. Not only can virtual learners save money on bus fare or gas, but they also avoid paying for parking passes.
Online learners can listen to lectures and work on assignments during the time of day when they feel most productive. Virtual students can even continue their studies while traveling.
Practice Self-Discipline
Students who attend class online must use self-discipline to log on to class. Since virtual professors can not directly monitor students during class, virtual learners motivate themselves to meet their educational goals.
Avoid Paying for Room and Board
Many colleges prefer or require in-person students to live on campus during their first year of study. Online learners can save money by living with a relative or roommate and splitting rent and grocery bills.

What Are the Requirements for Colleges with Online Courses?

Online schools set their own admission and graduation requirements, so prospective students should contact a school’s admissions department to learn about the specifics.

However, many programs feature similar application requirements. Online applicants can expect to turn in official transcripts and relevant test scores. Graduate students may need to submit recommendation letters and a portfolio.

Before enrolling, pay attention to capstone, thesis, or internship requirements. These program components may include in-person work. Most online colleges require students to maintain a certain GPA to remain in good standing. Undergraduate programs typically include 120-semester credits, and graduate programs feature 36- to 54-semester credits.

How Does College Accreditation Work?

Scholarships for Online Students

Learners can avoid high student loan payments and attend one of their dream online colleges by applying for scholarships. Corporations, foundations, and educational institutions all offer awards to students based on factors like academic merit and financial need. The list below includes five scholarships for distance learners.

  • Berklee Online Music Scholarship

    Who Can Apply: Each year, Berklee offers scholarships to distance learners pursuing an undergraduate-level certificate. The school offers 16 of these scholarships per term. Applicants must possess at least a 3.7 GPA, successfully complete the program’s first course, and submit a recommendation from a professor.

    Amount: $1,497

    Explore Here

  • Get Educated Online Scholarship

    Who Can Apply: Twice a year, Get Educated awards $1,000 scholarships to students studying remotely at an accredited U.S. university. This organization awards these funds based on academic merit and financial need. To apply, applicants must submit a 500-word essay about what online learning means to them.

    Amount: $1,000

    Explore Here

  • No Essay College Scholarship

    Who Can Apply: Students ages 18 years and older who plan on enrolling in college within 12 months can apply for this scholarship. Individuals can apply online or by mail by filling out a simple form. The application takes less than 10 minutes to complete since it does not require an essay component.

    Amount: $2,000

    Explore Here

  • College Greenlight Scholarships

    Who Can Apply: This organization aims to make college more affordable for first-generation students and underrepresented students. College Greenlight offers select scholarships exclusively for online learners. This scholarship platform highlights awards with varying requirements and deadlines.

    Amount: Varies

    Explore Here

  • Undergraduate Distance Learning Degrees Academic Scholarship

    Who Can Apply: Online students pursuing a degree in any major can apply for this scholarship. Applicants must possess at least 30 semester credit hours and permanent U.S. residency or citizenship. awards these funds based on academic achievement and extracurricular involvement. The recipient must provide a quote and color photograph for to publish.

    Amount: $500

    Explore Here

The Best Online Colleges of 2021

See Our Rankings Methodology
  1. University of Florida

    Gainesville, Florida



  2. California State University-Fresno

    Fresno, California



  3. California State University-Bakersfield

    Bakersfield, California



  4. California State University-Los Angeles

    Los Angeles, California



  5. Indiana University-Bloomington

    Bloomington, Indiana



  6. California State University-Sacramento

    Sacramento, California



  7. University of Connecticut

    Storrs, Connecticut



  8. The University of Texas at Austin

    Austin, Texas



  9. Colorado State University-Fort Collins

    Fort Collins, Colorado



  10. Palm Beach State College

    Lake Worth, Florida



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