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Online schools help students complete a degree on their own time. Many online programs allow students to create their own schedules, complete coursework asynchronously, and participate in class from home. Earning an online degree allows working professionals to advance in their field or transition to a new career.

An online program’s flexibility helps people with full-time jobs complete their degree easily. Many online programs offer accelerated programs for students to earn their degree faster. Learners interested in incorporating their faith into their online studies might consider pursuing a Chistrian college degree online.

Christian college programs offer students a religious education while earning a degree in a specialized area. For example, students interested in studying psychology can focus on Christian counseling. Students can earn an online bachelor’s degree at a Christian college to start a career in counseling.

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Common Questions About Christian Education

  • Q. Can a non-Christian go to a Christian college?

    Many Christian colleges allow students of any faith to attend. Others require students to demonstrate church attendance and sign a commitment of Christian faith.

  • Q. What is the difference between a Christian college and a non-Christian college?

    Christian colleges typically include the Christian faith as a part of their mission. Christianity also plays a large role in a school’s identity. Non-Christian colleges do not hold any religious expectations of students.

  • Q. What does it mean to be a Christian college?

    Christian colleges adhere to certain religious beliefs and integrate those beliefs into classes and programs. Many Christian colleges also require students to integrate Christianity into their lives outside of school.

  • Q. Are Christian colleges accredited?

    Many Christian colleges receive either regional or national accreditation. Christian colleges may also receive accreditation from a Christian accrediting association.

Why Choose an Online Bible College?

Attending an online bible college can have many benefits. Students who attend bible college can earn an accredited degree online and receive education that focuses on the bible and religious training. Online classes ensure that students can complete classes from anywhere, and online coursework often means that students do not need to pay for transportation or on-campus living expenses. Students who attend bible colleges can choose from several online divinity programs that allow students to complete an undergraduate degree. For students who wish to become leaders within their religious communities, a bible school offers a chance to earn a degree in bible studies. 

What Are the Goals of an Online Degree?

Students can earn a degree quickly and easily through an online program. Asynchronous learning and flexible scheduling allow working professionals to complete their program with limited career disruption. Earning an online degree also saves students money. Learners can take classes from home, saving time and money without a commute. Online programs also tend to cost less than in-person degrees.

Christian college degrees allow students to integrate their Christian faith and academic studies. Many Christian college programs emphasize faith in the classroom through a biblical education. Degrees also focus on Christian counseling, church leadership, and Christian ministry. Students enroll in courses such as apologetics, evangelism, and Bible studies.

Why Get an Online Degree?

Earning an online degree offers many professional and personal benefits. The following list includes some of the top benefits of graduating from an online program.

Flexible Schedule
Many online degrees offer asynchronous learning for a self-paced education. Students with full work or family schedules can complete coursework on their own time.
Career Advancement
Earning a college degree increases career opportunities. Many working professionals choose an online degree to gain the skills necessary for advancing in their field.
Save Money
By enrolling in online classes, students save money on gas, mileage, and other commuting fees. Many online programs offer reduced tuition costs compared to an in-person college experience.
Online programs admit students from all over the world. Remote learning gives students the opportunity to network with individuals located in different countries.
Improve Technical Skills
Online programs require access to a computer, microphones, and webcams. Learning in a virtual environment enables students to learn how to use technology effectively.

What Are the Requirements for an Online Degree?

Online program admission requirements depend on the school, degree level, and field of study. Most programs require at least a high school or GED diploma. Prospective students with a college degree must submit their transcripts. Depending on the program, students may need to submit SAT, ACT, or GRE scores.

Students earning an undergraduate degree online typically take core or foundational courses. Depending on the field of study, students may complete a thesis, capstone project, or comprehensive exam. Students enrolled in service programs, such as social work or counseling, typically complete a field placement.

Christian college online degrees often require all undergraduate students to complete Bible studies or theology courses. The school considers these courses foundational to the curriculum.

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Scholarships for Online Degree Students

Many students apply for scholarships to fund their education. Online students can apply for scholarships based on their field of study, financial need, and background. Students may qualify for multiple scholarships based on this criteria. This list includes scholarships available to students earning Christian college degrees online.

  • The Richard and Helen Brown Endowment for Pastoral Scholarships

    Who Can Apply: This scholarship helps students seeking a master of divinity degree or equivalent. Applicants must demonstrate at least a year membership in the United Church of Christ. They must also maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA to qualify.

    Amount: Varies

    Explore Here

  • Mitchell/Tufts Scholarship

    Who Can Apply: The Dallas Foundation offers a scholarship to students living in North Central Texas or Los Angeles. Students must demonstrate financial need and active participation in the Presbytarian Church USA. Applicants with particular life circumstances may receive preference over other applicants.

    Amount: $1,000-$5,000

    Explore Here

  • Martin Luther Scholarship

    Who Can Apply: Beta Sigma Psi National Lutheran Fraternity offers this scholarship. Male members of a Lutheran congregation qualify. Applicants must plan to attend a four-year institution. This scholarship helps students pay for tuition or other educational fees.

    Amount: $2,000

    Explore Here

Best Online Christian Colleges 2021

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  1. Liberty University

    Lynchburg, VA



    The largest institution in Virginia, Liberty University boasts over 550 degree programs founded on Christian values. Christian values extend to their online campus where students have plenty of undergraduate programs to pick from. Ranging from unique programs like aviation to more common programs like education, their online school has options for students of all interests and backgrounds. Liberty University also offers three online programs through their divinity program: bachelor's degrees in Biblical education, leadership and religion. On top of their wide-ranging degree programs, Liberty makes it easy for students to earn their degree online. Courses are offered in nontraditional eight-week formats, letting students jump in and out of their studies as their schedules allow. Online tuition at Liberty hasn't increase in three years. Transfer students are also welcome and can bring up to 75 percent of their previously earned credits to the online school, reducing the cost and time it takes to earn a degree.

  2. Brigham Young University-Idaho

    Rexburg, ID



    Brigham Young University-Idaho is one of the largest private, Christian institutions with over 34,000 students on campus and another 15,000 online. One reason their online program is so popular is the flexibility it offers to students. Along with studying toward their bachelor's degree, students are able to earn a certificate and associate degree, all within the usual 4-year period it would take to earn a bachelor's degree. Regardless of how students choose to supplement their education, they'll end up earning one of BYUI's 9 bachelor's degrees. Prior to entering the online school, students will need to have completed a program called PathwayConnect, a 3-semester program that can be completed entirely online in just 1 year. If students have previously earned 15 or more on campus credits from a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints college, they can avoid the PathwayConnect program entirely and begin their studies immediately.

  3. Mount Vernon Nazarene University

    Mount Vernon, OH



    Mount Vernon Nazarene University educates the whole person by combining higher education with Christian education. Its programs, including online programs, are structured to teach students how to be better leaders, learners and independent thinkers while also bringing in a religious element. Students that are interested in earning a bachelor's degree online from Mount Vernon Nazarene should have previous credit prior to applying. All of their online bachelor's degree programs are degree completion and require a minimum of 56 transferable credits. These can be earned by studying toward a degree at another institution or through a relevant associate degree program. For students that don't have enough credits, MVNU recommends earning an MVNU associate degree in general studies first. For online students interested in a degree in religion, the best option is the bachelor's in ministry leadership. It's a 40-credit-hour, degree-completion program that teaches students how to become better leaders in their local communities.

  4. Manhattan Christian College

    Manhattan, KS



    What was once Kansas Bible College is now Manhattan Christian College, a private, Christian school that focuses solely on educating students in religion. However, as the school has grown, it's expanded to include an online department, which offers one of the college's only nonreligious degrees. Students who want a bachelor's degree from MCC have 2 online options: the bachelor's in Biblical leadership and the bachelor's in management and ethics. The latter, which is also their most popular online program, still places an emphasis on Christianity through the ethics and leadership of business. Both of these programs are degree completion, so students should have prior college credit before applying. Once in the program, students will take 4 courses each semester. This is broken down into 2 8-week courses, followed by another 2 8-week courses to make up a 16-week semester. Including prior credits, students should expect to earn their degree in 4 years.

  5. Rosemont College

    Rosemont, PA



    With roots in Catholicism, Rosemont College is a small school with just over 500 undergraduate students. With such a small student body, Rosemont is able to pay special attention to each student, ensuring that they're getting the best education possible. Even students pursuing an online program receive the same attention and quality education that on-campus students receive. If students are interested in studying entirely online at Rosemont, they'll only have one undergraduate degree option- the bachelor's in criminal justice. This 120-credit degree is taught through unique 5-week courses, allowing students to quickly earn college credits. Rosemont's online programs are all accelerated, too, so students can easily earn their degree in less than the traditional 4-year period. Transfer students can complete the bachelor's in criminal justice even faster since Rosemont allows them to bring in up to 84 credits. This reduces the cost even further, making this an affordable option for online transfer students.

  6. Columbia College

    Columbia, MO



    While it's changed a lot over its 160 years, Columbia College has still maintained their ties with the Christian Church. Since opening, Columbia College has grown from a 2-year degree institution to a 4-year degree college with 35 campuses around the country. Along with its many in-person distance learning options, Columbia College also has an online campus, which offers a quick, affordable path toward a degree. Its online school offers 8-week courses with 6 sessions each year, meaning students can easily complete their studies in less than the traditional 4 years. However, students are also able to study at their own pace, since many of their online students are too busy to commute. There are 8 bachelor's degree programs offered through Columbia College's online school, some of which can be further specialized with a major or area of focus. Columbia also offers a flat tuition rate per credit, making it easy to budget for a bachelor's degree.

  7. Clear Creek Baptist Bible College

    Pineville, KY



    Everything at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College is Christ-centered. Not only does this influence the academics at Clear Creek, but also the way the school treats students and its tuition costs. Their online program has the same flat-rate cost as their on campus tuition, as well as the same quality of education and student expectations. By doing this, there is no real difference between studying on campus or online- except that online students are able to study at their own pace and set their own schedule. The only bachelor's degree offered entirely online is their Bachelor of Arts in Ministry, a 120-credit-hour program that prepares students for a future career in ministry. Students can further specialize their education through elective courses, each of which is meant to teach real-life skills that graduates would use. Online courses are offered through the Sakai platform.

  8. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Kansas City, MO



    Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is one of the top Christ-centered institutions in the region, basing its education off Methodist beliefs and values. Midwestern Baptist's online school is designed specifically for students who currently work in a ministry setting and don't want to or are unable to leave. With the flexibility of online learning, Midwestern Baptist brings its bachelor's degree programs to students, taught through the popular Canvas platform. Currently, there are 5 bachelor's degree programs offered, as well as special accelerated and fusion programs. The accelerated program lets students earn 2 bachelor's degrees online over 5 years of study while the fusion program allows students to spend their first year of school in the field. Courses in the online school last 8 weeks, and there are 7 different terms each year, allowing students to study continuously without needing to take on too much schoolwork at once.

  9. Bethel University

    Saint Paul, MN



    As one of the oldest colleges in Tennessee, Bethel University has a long-established reputation not just as a Christian college, but as an institution of higher learning. One of the only large changes Bethel has experienced in the past 175 years is the growth of its online programs, which often gain regional and national attention. Because Bethel educates with Christianity in mind, all of its online degrees will pertain to Presbyterian ethics, teaching students their subject while also educating their spirit. While there are online bachelor's degrees offered that are related to Christianity (such as the bachelor's in Christian ministries), Bethel also offers a variety of degrees that lead to high-demand jobs. The online bachelor's degree programs are all completion programs, so students will need to have a minimum number of credits to be accepted. Prerequisites vary depending on the program, but incoming students should expect to already have at least 60 credits.

  10. University of Mary

    Bismarck, ND



    The University of Mary is a Catholic, Benedictine college based in Bismarck, North Dakota. However, many of its students are nontraditional, which has led to the growth of its distance education program. The University of Mary has over 25 years of experience in distance education. The school currently offers 10 bachelor's degree programs that can be completed entirely online, and some through a hybrid of on-campus weeknight classes and online study (if students prefer that format). These programs are all designed for busy adults that want to further their career as soon as possible. To speed up their education, students are allowed to transfer credits into the program, and can even earn some college credits through previous work experience. Doing so can also save students money, reducing the already affordable online tuition costs. Some programs can be completed in as little as 15 months, although students are allowed to study at their own pace.

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