New York Online Colleges & Universities: Top Schools for 2017-2018

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Selecting the right online college and degree or certificate program is serious business. It requires consideration of a whole slew of issues, including school cost, time investment, individual lifestyle, work and family commitments and career goals. Achieving the proper balance of these factors is different for each individual. The search tool below is designed to help students quickly narrow down the choices of online schools and programs to those that match their unique needs and preferences.

Online New York Colleges

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Best Online Colleges In New York

New Yorkers are busy people, which makes online education a big draw in the state. A growing number of New York students are discovering that online college and university programs offer them the convenience and flexibility they need to fit a college education into their hectic lifestyles. With the tremendous number of program options available to New York residents, finding the best online colleges can be difficult. Below is a list of those online schools with the proven excellence to be called the Best Online Colleges in New York for 2016-2017.

Rank University Location ScoreAnnual Tuition# of Online Programs Financial Aid % Student-Teacher Ratio Grad Rate Credit for Experience Placement Services Counseling Services University Information
1 Mercy College Dobbs Ferry, NY 99.85$17,76662 88% 19:1 29% Yes Yes Yes

Mercy College offers over 200 online courses and 30 online degrees. Studying in an online format gives students the means to continue their education in a convenient format. Along with entirely online courses, Mercy College also offers blended online courses—which include part-time traditional classes—and web-enhanced courses. Mercy College is devoted to nurturing the integrity of all who enroll there, resulting in students traveling from all 50 states and from 48 different countries to take part in their educational system. The majority of the 198 faculty members at Mercy College have been awarded the highest degree in their discipline.

2 CUNY Graduate School and University Center New York, NY 99.02$6,46015 N/A 13:1 67% No Yes Yes

CUNY Graduate School and University Center has undergraduate and graduate level online programs that can be completed entirely at a distance. By utilizing interactive and modern technology, CUNY’s online programs are designed to be easy to use and beneficial to online learners. Students are able to engage with course content through an online portal as they would in a traditional classroom. Online courses can be accessed at all hours of the day and allow students to complete other time commitments. Distance learners also receive SUNY’s in-state tuition rates whether they live in the state or not.

3 SUNY College at Oswego Oswego, NY 98.95$7,58118 77% 18:1 63% Yes Yes Yes

SUNY College at Oswego offers eight fully-online courses along with over 100 individual online courses that can be completed when and where is most convenient for students. Prospective distance learners can find a full list of available online courses through their myOswego accounts. Since each course is unique, instructors may advise students with guidelines for how much time should be dedicated to their courses along with how student participation grades are evaluated. For those unsure if online learning is a good choice for them, SUNY College at Oswego offers an online assessment to gauge e-learning readiness.

4 Metropolitan College of New York New York, NY 98.88$17,80012 82% 11:1 39% Yes Yes Yes

By integrating E-Learning coursework options, Metropolitan College of New York allows busy students to find the necessary time to complete a college degree. Students build their schedules to fit their needs, and online learning facilitates the convenient completion of classes that may have otherwise interfered with a student’s previous commitments. Online sections are available for standard fall and spring semesters, as well as winter, summer, and late-start periods. By utilizing both online and late-start classes, students can complete their work in a shorter period of time without having to commit to attending to class four days a week.

5 SUNY College of Technology at Canton Canton, NY 98.85$7,51927 16% 17:1 29% Yes Yes Yes

The SUNY College of Technology at Canton has 10 fully online degree programs, as well as more than 400 online classes to enrich traditional education. These programs were designed to fit the needs of employed and out-of-state students, and the participating faculty helps to build an academically rich experience that can be profited from at any place or time. At SUNY Canton, cutting-edge technology allows for a thorough and immersive academic experience that will provide student with the knowledge they need to achieve bright futures.

6 Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY 98.78$8,43011 67% 16:1 69% No Yes Yes

For two decades, Stony Brook University has been providing its students with quality online learning that ensures their success without putting strain on their everyday lives. Fully online programs are offered for certificates of achievement, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees, ensuring students of all levels will find the time to come back to school. Traditional on-campus students may be able to utilize online benefits as well, as many of the classes offered at Stony Brook are built in a hybrid format. The advanced technology and teaching techniques provided at Stony Brook University allow for an innovative educational experience.

7 SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica-Rome Utica, NY 98.76$7,4406 80% 18:1 43% Yes Yes Yes

The SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica in Rome offers credited online courses as well as non-credit online courses. Non-credit offer a unique opportunity for students who are already on the job but wish to gain further knowledge at a lower price. Degree seeking students will find that studying in an online program will afford all the same advantages as a traditional program would. Not only will a student be able to access their lectures and assignments from home, but they will also be granted full student service rights, including academic advising and career counseling.

8 Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology Flushing, NY 98.59$21,6426 87% 15:1 39% Yes Yes Yes

At Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, an online degree in aviation will be enhanced with on-the-job training. Lectures are either streamed or offered in DVD format, and students have the option to videoconference with faculty members and their peers. In addition to traditional 16 week semesters, two-week summer classes are also available online. Qualifying transfer credit will be accepted at Vaughn College, guaranteeing students will be able to earn their degree in the shortest amount of time. By studying in an online program at Vaughn, students will be able to save money they would typically need to spend on commuting and parking.

9 SUNY College at Plattsburgh Plattsburgh, NY 98.58$7,4973 79% 16:1 61% Yes Yes Yes

SUNY College at Plattsburgh produces successful online students who are able to exhibit the same knowledge as a student who attends on-campus classes. The faculty in charge of online programs instills academic integrity in its students, giving them the tools they need to help themselves to succeed. Online courses are both for traditional students who are looking to fill some of their off-campus time with more coursework, as well as for adult learners who have other obligations to focus on. Online programs can be complete in either part-time or full-time formats, ensuring all students will progress at the pace right for them.

10 SUNY College of Technology at Delhi Delhi, NY 98.53$7,5306 77% 17:1 39% No Yes Yes

SUNY College of Technology at Delhi offers specially designed online degrees for students who are interested in earning a degree, but have other life commitments to attend to. Just like traditional students, online students will be able to complete their degree in either a part-time or a full-time format, allowing them to complete their studies at a pace with which they are comfortable. All students’ individual ambitions are attended to by experienced faculty members and university staff. Undecided students can meet with academic advisors to discuss possible educational plans that are congruent with their interests and personalities.

11 Nyack College Nyack, NY 98.44$23,8003 99% 12:1 42% Yes Yes Yes
12 University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY 98.22$8,8713 61% 13:1 72% No Yes Yes
13 Trocaire College Buffalo, NY 98.05$15,8203 64% 11:1 26% Yes Yes Yes
14 D'Youville College Buffalo, NY 93.96$23,5623 99% 9:1 44% Yes No Yes
15 SUNY Empire State College Saratoga Springs, NY 91.59$6,66536 75% 15:1 19% Yes No Yes
16 Saint Joseph's College-New York Brooklyn, NY 90.50$22,8303 91% 11:1 68% Yes No Yes

Best 2-Year Online Colleges in New York

Rank University Location ScoreAnnual Tuition# of Online Programs Financial Aid % Student-Teacher Ratio Grad Rate Credit for Experience Placement Services Counseling Services University Information
1 Genesee Community College Batavia, NY 91.63$4,30618 14% 17:1 24% Yes Yes Yes

The distance education program of Genesee Community College provides learning opportunities to students who want to learn in a more convenient environment. The school offers two different types of online courses– online and hybrid (a combination of online and on-campus interaction). For students looking for fully online classes, they have several associate degree and certificate courses to choose from including business administration, sport management studies, criminal Justice, and teacher education transfer. The online certificate programs offered by Genesee Community College include entrepreneurship, criminal justice, general education, office assistant and teaching assistant.

2 Niagara County Community College Sanborn, NY 90.85$4,27420 5% 17:1 26% Yes Yes Yes

The online classes offered at Niagara County Community College are 15-week courses that require students to participate between 9 and 12 hours per week. The school offers courses under different associate degree programs like art, information technology, administration, finance and accounting, criminology and human services. As part of the online programs, students receive a time management calculator to help them keep track of their time and make sure they are meeting the minimum attendance hours for the courses. Students have gone on to pursue bachelor’s degrees and establish careers in their chosen fields after graduation.

3 Jefferson Community College Watertown, NY 90.59$4,54712 9% 18:1 25% Yes Yes Yes

Jefferson Community College’s online courses are accessible to all students with an internet connection. The school offers a variety of online courses every semester, including but not limited to education, chemistry, psychology, education, art and English. Some certification programs are also available. The online associate degrees in business administration, criminal justice, liberal arts and individual studies can be learned entirely through online education. The school also offers an online certificate program in accounting for professionals who want to improve their career prospects. The school relies on Blackboard Learning Management System to deliver the coursework to students.

4 SUNY Ulster Stone Ridge, NY 90.28$4,94212 18% 20:1 25% Yes Yes Yes

Dedicated to providing quality, fast-paced learning experiences to students, SUNY Ulster created its online education program so that students can finish their coursework anytime between 10 weeks and 17 months. The school’s online programs can be transferred if students wish to further their studies with a four-year university degree. The school also offers online certification programs in general education and entrepreneurship. These certificate programs are designed for working professionals who want to improve their careers. Some online non-credit courses such as real estate appraisal, medical transcription and administration are also available. These are geared for students who wish to improve their personal development.

5 Herkimer County Community College Herkimer, NY 90.02$4,46016 6% 21:1 27% No Yes Yes

The Internet Academy of Herkimer County Community College offers many online programs to its students. The school offers more than 19 degrees, 150 courses as well as three online certificates so that students have the freedom to choose. Many programs can be completed online, including associate degree programs for business (nine degrees), criminal justice and law (four degrees), healthcare services (two degrees), liberal arts (three degrees), and science and technology (one degree). The school also offers online certificate programs like small business management, teaching assistant and medical coding. All students enrolled in the online program have access to support services and the virtual classroom where they can learn independently and receive instruction.

6 Cayuga County Community College Auburn, NY 89.88$4,59618 8% 26:1 22% No Yes Yes

Cayuga County Community College provides students within New York opportunities to complete their education through web-based learning. Several associate’s degree programs can be completed entirely online. These programs are designed not only for the convenience for the students, but also to prepare for and ease the transition to the workforce after graduation. Students can also transfer their credits to a four-year university. Online degree programs include business administration, criminal justice, liberal arts with emphasis in humanities, math, and science. Cayuga Online also offers online certificate programs like event management, criminal justice, general business and tourism. While the coursework is completed online, students are required take proctored exams in person.

7 Monroe Community College Rochester, NY 89.87$4,1506 8% 22:1 22% Yes Yes Yes

More than 200 courses are available through online education at Monroe Community College. All courses are taught by professors who are trained to deliver online instruction. Some classes are taught entirely on the virtual campus while some are combined with on-site instruction and online coursework. The programs that are taught entirely online include associate degrees in business administration, mathematics, and sport management. The school also offers a fully-online certificate program for dental assisting Rapid Track. Many other programs are at least 50 percent or even 75 percent online. Find a list of all available online programs on the MCC website.

8 Finger Lakes Community College Canandaigua, NY 89.83$4,45624 4% 21:1 26% Yes Yes Yes

Finger Lakes Community College offers fully online programs that are relevant to the needs of the modern society and job force. Associate degrees in business administration, accounting, information systems, liberal arts, tourism management, and e-commerce are among the programs available through the school’s online offerings. Admitted students can login to the online portal to access the materials, complete assignments, and interact with the teacher and classmates. Students can study at their own pace but they need to submit weekly requirements. Most credits from the online programs are transferrable to a bachelor’s degree from a university.

9 SUNY Broome Community College Binghamton, NY 89.29$4,6956 14% 20:1 26% Yes Yes Yes

Students can complete a degree program at SUNY Broome Community College without ever stepping foot on campus. Through its fully online degree programs, students can earn associate degrees including business information management, human services, liberal arts, visual communication arts, clinical laboratory technician, and computer security and forensics. After graduation, students can begin their career paths or pursue higher education at the university level. The school also offers online certificate programs designed to help working professionals advance their careers. Certification programs include office technologies, website development and management, early childhood, histological technician.

10 Corning Community College Corning, NY 89.23$4,7006 5% 20:1 25% Yes Yes Yes

Committed to providing exceptional education and possible careers to its future students, Corning Community College offers flexible options with its distance learning program. Students can complete courses entirely through online instruction or through a combination of on-campus and online coursework. Those looking for completely online degrees will find associate degree programs in business administration and liberal arts with an emphasis in humanities and social sciences. These programs are transferable to universities that offer similar four-year programs. The online courses are accessible 24/7, so students can access their assignments or participate in discussions on Blackboard at any time. This is also where instructors give tests and provide their lectures asynchronously to students.

11 Fulton-Montgomery Community College Johnstown, NY 88.91$4,1686 4% 19:1 27% Yes Yes Yes
12 Hudson Valley Community College Troy, NY 88.74$4,7549 7% 20:1 24% Yes Yes Yes
13 Mohawk Valley Community College Utica, NY 87.59$4,4156 N/A 18:1 21% Yes Yes Yes
14 SUNY Westchester Community College Valhalla, NY 87.28$4,7233 2% 16:1 14% No Yes Yes
15 CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College New York, NY 86.77$4,8183 1% 26:1 15% No Yes Yes
16 Hostos Community College Bronx, NY 86.08$4,8553 N/A 19:1 12% No Yes Yes
17 North Country Community College Saranac Lake, NY 86.00$4,9003 N/A 16:1 20% No No Yes

A Guide to New York Colleges Online

The online education movement — in New York and beyond — has traditionally been spearheaded by private, for-profit institutions. Today, many public and private nonprofit colleges and universities offer online courses and certificate or degree programs, making higher education accessible to even the busiest New Yorkers. There are nearly 200 colleges and universities of every size and type offering distance education degree programs, certificate programs and/or individual courses. Included are prestigious public universities and private colleges, two-year community colleges and even a number of schools specializing in vocational trades and the arts. Online degree programs of note include the engineering programs at Columbia University and Cornell University, the education program at SUNY Buffalo and the criminal justice program at Pace University. Pace is also recognized for the excellence of its entire online bachelor’s degree program.

New York City is not only the cultural and business center of the state, but also the cultural and business center of the nation. It is also New York state’s higher education hub. The following two segments focus on New York City’s college and university offerings, both on-site and online.

College Focus on New York City

New York City has more than 100 higher education institutions serving half a million students. The U.S. Census reports that 34 percent of city residents over the age of 25 hold at least a bachelor’s degree. City University of New York is the largest school, with seven 4-year colleges and seven community colleges. It holds the distinction of having the largest number of Nobel laureates in the country. Manhattan’s Barnard College, meanwhile, was ranked 32nd by U.S. News & World Report among national liberal arts colleges in 2014. Legendary city schools include the Joffrey Ballet School, Parsons-The New School for Design, Columbia University, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, and the Juilliard School. Two of the nation’s largest Catholic schools serve the city: St. John’s University and Fordham University.

New York City Schools and Online Learning

Students who prefer completing associate, bachelor’s and graduate degrees online in New York City have a wide selection of schools to choose from. The Open Education Database lists more than 180 accredited colleges and universities in New York offering online degrees, many with distinction. For example, U.S. News & World Report placed Hofstra University among the schools with the best online graduate business and online education programs. City University of New York provides undergraduate online degree programs in business, sociology, communications and health information management. Not to be outdone, State University of New York has launched the Open SUNY initiative to increase its number of online degrees by 25 percent in hopes of enrolling some 100,000 new students.

Paying for Higher Education in New York

Higher education is an investment of both time and money. Some students attending New York colleges seek financial support through scholarships, grants and other aid programs, as described below. It is helpful for future students to know just how much their education could cost. Tuition is a college’s price tag for providing education, and it varies from one institution and program to the next. Some colleges, particularly public schools, charge New York residents less. In 2012, New York student residents paid an average of $15,127 per year in tuition. Nonresidents who wish to attend New York colleges can contact admissions officers to clarify residency requirements. Students may even delay enrollment until they are established residents, reducing the tuition burden.

Tuition may be college students’ most basic expense, but it is far from the only one. Most colleges and universities charge other fees for parking or access to technology resources and certain student services, such as gyms and recreational centers. In 2012, New York colleges charged an average of $1,175 in fees. Combined with tuition, that brings the total average cost of attending New York colleges and universities to $16,201 for in-state students.

Another key item for a college budget in New York is basic living expenses. Some students live in dorms, while others live off campus. Either way, they need to pay for room and board, and in a state like New York, these expenses can add up quickly: The cost of living in New York is about 26 percent above the national average. Prices vary across the state, however. This chart compares the cost of living for several major New York metropolitan regions to the national average:

Urban Area Composite Index Housing Groceries Utilities Transportation Health Care Misc.
Buffalo -4.2% -2.6% -8.2% 15.6% 4.8% -8.0% -12.4%
Binghamton -1.6% -7.4% -7.6% 12.8% 4.4% 14.3% -2.3%
Rochester 0.0% -5.8% -5.4% 14.4% 8.7% -0.3% 0.2%
Farmington -3.0% -2.9% 1.8% -12.9% -3.6% -1.4% -1.8%
Plattsburgh 0.1% -4.9% -1.1% 19.4% 5.5% 13.0% -4.1%
Syracuse 1.5% -8.6% -1.4% 18.4% 8.3% -2.2% 4.8%
Ithaca 2.8% 4.4% 2.9% 10.4% 4.7% 6.6% -1.9%
Albany 8.1% 12.6% 5.0% 1.0% 2.8% 11.7% 8.6%
Glens Falls 12.3% 5.9% 5.4% 28.0% 7.0% -2.7% 19.3%
Dutchess County 20.4% 41.3% 9.8% 18.8% 9.3% 10.4% 11.1%
Nassau County 45.7% 106.7% 23.0% 40.7% 13.1% 19.7% 15.3%
New York (Queens) 59.0% 130.8% 28.3% 72.0% 8.8% 18.0% 23.9%
New York (Brooklyn) 81.7% 217.8% 30.6% 65.0% 3.0% 11.5% 19.5%
New York (Manhattan) 116.7% 286.7% 54.3% 69.6% 20.3% 30.2% 45.7%

Tuition and fees make up a majority of the academic costs, but what about after graduation? Will the money you spend on higher education at a college be worth it? This question should enter every student’s mind as they evaluate colleges. The following New York schools have the highest returns on investment (lifetime earnings minus total cost of attendance) for degree holders:

  1. Polytechnic Institute of New York University
  2. SUNY – Maritime College
  3. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  4. Manhattan College
  5. Columbia University

Accreditation for Online Colleges in New York

Prospective students in New York should keep in mind that they must usually attend accredited colleges in order to qualify for any type of financial aid. Accreditation verifies that a school meets certain quality standards set by various regional or national accrediting agencies. Accrediting agencies for New York state include the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the Distance Education and Training Council Accrediting Commission. In addition, degree-granting colleges with a physical presence in New York must be authorized to operate by the New York Board of Regents and the New York Education Department.

Institutions can also seek programmatic accreditation for select programs, departments or colleges. At New York University, for example, the school’s journalism and mass communication program has been accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, while all of its College of Dentistry programs maintain accreditation from the American Dental Association.

Best Online Colleges in New York for 2015-2016

RANK COLLEGE ScoreStudent-Teacher RatioFinancial AidCostMORE INFO
1 Fashion Institute of Technology 99.0117:169%

Fashion Institute of Technology's online degree programs are identical to those earned through traditional on-campus programs with five start times throughout the year. The school offers two online degrees: an associate in fashion merchandising management and a bachelor's in international trade marketing. Both are degree-completion programs and require that students have a minimum of 30 or 60 college credits, respectively, before applying to the online program. Courses are asynchronous, and while students can access course materials at a time convenient to them, they must meet all due dates for assignments and exams.

2 SUNY College of Technology at Delhi 96.4416:191%

Online programs at SUNY Delhi follow the traditional school year calendars, but are designed so students can work at their own pace. Most programs at the college do not require students to visit campus; however, some may require practicum or internship experience from an approved office or facility. Students can attend online college full-time or part-time, and bachelor's degrees are offered in nursing, criminal justice and hospitality management. SUNY College at Delhi also offers a master's program in nursing education. Courses are delivered using the Moodle system, where students can access course work, engage with professors and other students and complete exams.

3 SUNY College of Technology at Alfred 96.2717:194%

Four fully online degrees, two certificate programs and a large number of credit and non-credit courses are available online from Alfred State. Academic support, in the form of career counseling and online tutoring, is available to all students. Students can earn associate degrees in court and real time reporting or health information technology. Bachelor's degrees in nursing and technology management are also available fully online. Courses are delivered via the Blackboard online learning portal and students can choose to take up to five classes at a time. Credit courses are offered at five start-times throughout the year according to the school's on-campus schedule. Students can start non-credit courses at any time.

4 SUNY College at Plattsburgh 96.2716:191%

The RN to BSN program is Plattsburgh's only fully-online degree program; however, all students have access to stand-alone online classes. The courses are designed for adult learners who need flexibility as they obtain their higher education degree, and students log in to their classes using Moodle, an online course management system. A number of workshops and training programs are available to help online students maximize their education. Moodle allows students to engage with professors and other students, access and submit assignments, take exams and complete all coursework on their own schedule during each class period. 

5 SUNY College at Oswego 95.7418:191%

Multiple individual online courses are available each semester to supplement a traditional on-campus degree plans at SUNY College at Oswego. Three bachelor's degrees, three master's degrees and one post-baccalaureate certificate are offered in areas like broadcasting, business administration, health services and public justice. Classes are asynchronous with no face-to-face meetings and run 15 weeks in the fall and spring and three, six or 12 weeks in the summer. Coursework is delivered via the ANGEL online learning platform where students can access assignments, submit coursework and communicate with professors and fellow students.

6 SUNY College of Technology at Canton 95.6819:196%

Academic support services are offered to students to help them along the path to their degrees at SUNY Canton online, which offers several full degree plans in areas like legal studies, criminal justice, finance, homeland security, healthcare management and emergency management. SUNY College at Canton also offers completion degree plans in veterinary services management, dental hygiene and nursing. The school uses the Blackboard online learning portal to facilitate communication between professors and students. Students use the portal to access coursework, submit assignments, participate in group discussions and take exams.

7 New York University 95.5610:155%

The New York University School of Professional Studies has two options for online undergraduate studies and numerous options for online graduate programs. Offerings include a bachelor's degree in social sciences (concentration in organizational behavior and change) or a bachelor's in leadership and management studies, where students learn how to adapt and evolve in today's workforce. Each program has specific requirements applicants must meet to be accepted, including mathematics prerequisites. Those who want to pursue a higher degree can choose from degrees and certificates in human resources, management, writing, real estate and risk management.

8 Roberts Wesleyan College 95.5113:1100%

The online degrees at Roberts Wesleyan College provide the same education and experiences as on-campus classes. Online bachelor's degrees at Roberts Wesleyan College include organizational management, nursing, health administration, healthcare informatics administration and special education and allow students to complete requirements on their own schedules. Roberts Wesleyan College also offers five master's level programs and three professional certificate programs. Students can log into the course management system to complete assignments, interact with instructors and participate in class discussions. Traditional undergraduate students at Roberts Wesleyan College may also take stand-alone, accelerated online classes through the Pathway Program to meet degree requirements and obtain their degrees faster.

9 Dominican College 95.1615:199%

Online programs at Dominican College of Blauvelt are accelerated and designed with busy adult learners in mind. The five bachelor's degrees and one master's degree run in six sessions throughout the year, starting every eight weeks, and students can enroll in up to two courses per session. Bachelor's degrees include social sciences, communication studies, management, criminal justice and psychology. The master's program offers a degree transitional doctor of physical therapy. All students must pass an English placement exam and some online programs at Dominican College of Blauvelt require a similar exam for mathematics. Online students have access to all traditional student services including career development, tutoring resources and personal counseling.

10 Mercy College 94.8318:195%

With more than 30 online degrees and certificates and more than 200 stand-alone classes, Mercy College has many options for distance students. Students have access to the distance courses asynchronously, from anywhere with an internet connection. All online professors have specialized training in online instruction and work only with distance learning students. Degree programs include corporate and homeland security management, computer science, organizational management, nursing and cyber security. All course work is delivered via the Blackboard online learning portal where students can access assignments, discussion groups, live chats and other class resources.

11 Syracuse University 94.1716:174%

This large private research university, located in the heart of New York State, offers a wide range of degree programs in virtually any study area, to both undergraduates and graduates. Students can earn their degree through dual enrollment, traditional on-campus courses, or through an accelerated degree format. Their interdisciplinary approach to education offers undergraduates a wide selection of over 200 majors to choose from and over 100 minors, as well as an abundance of internship, summer, community and honors programs. Online programs are offered for undergraduates to earn a BA in psychology, BS in social work or a BS in informational management and technology. Online master degree programs are also offered for accounting, computer science, information management and communication management.

12 Touro University Worldwide 93.4116:184%

This independent college for higher learning and professional education offers degree programs in every area, from liberal arts and business communications to health sciences and education. Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the college consists of a dynamic collection of colleges and schools for students to earn their degree at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Online degree programs are offered through Touro University Worldwide for associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. Pre-professional programs are also available. The curriculum is centered on a foundation for hands-on learning, providing students with critical thinking and development skills for real-world applications.

13 Medaille College 92.2018:192%

Medaille College's 11 online degrees allow students the flexibility they need to further their educational goals in a non-traditional learning environment. Bachelor degree programs include business administration, information systems, health information management, homeland security and general studies. Medaille College also offers two associate degree and four master's degree programs online.  Counseling students can apply for the Advanced Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program for additional focused study. Online accelerated classes begin on Wednesdays and students have until the following Tuesday night to complete assignments for the week. Online students are provided the flexibility to access course materials when it's convenient for them.

14 Marist College 92.1516:188%

Through its collaborative learning environment, iLearn, Marist College offers students one online bachelor's degree completion program, six online master's degrees and a number of individual accelerated online courses for core requirements and electives. Students utilize iLearn to facilitate interactions with course and project materials, instructors and peers and class assignments and exams. Most classes are asynchronous; however, some instructors require scheduled group chats. Classes are accelerated, with a 4-week winter session and 10-week sessions in the fall, spring and summer. Degree options include liberal studies, business administration, communication and information systems.

15 Vaughn College 91.9815:194%

Designed specifically for those interested in aviation, students at Vaughn College can earn either an associate or bachelor's degree in aviation maintenance or airport management, or professional certificates in both fields. Courses are delivered through several modes, including videoconferencing, online video streaming and in a DVD format. Students also receive DVD copies of the individual classes so they can go back and refer to the information at any time. Online schedules at Vaughn College mirror the on-campus calendar, with 16-week fall and spring terms and two 6-week summer sessions.

16 Rochester Institute of Technology 91.5914:195%

Rochester Institute of Technology online offers one bachelor's degree in applied arts and science, 14 master's degrees and a handful of certificate programs fully online. Topics of study include organizational learning, business administration, information sciences, engineering, health sciences, science, education and design. Classes meet in a virtual classroom, where students log in when it's convenient for them. Some professors may require synchronous chats or video conferencing, but most classes operate asynchronously to provide additional freedom to online students. Online students are provided with access to support services such as library resources, career advice and academic support.

17 D’Youville College 91.4210:1100%

Students at D'Youville College can earn an RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing completely online, with no travel requirements. Students who already have a bachelor's in nursing can pursue a master's or doctorate, and prospective students do not need to have prior work experience. Clinical training can be completed near each student's individual location. The 2-year program includes courses in religion and responsibility, ethics, a variety of humanities electives and core nursing classes. Students must have completed their RN degree at another institution before applying to D'Youville College.

18 Mount Saint Mary College 90.0214:199%

Practicing registered nurses can earn an online bachelor of science in nursing at Mount Saint Mary College. Students can complete coursework completely online, with the exception of a brief physical assessment session in the summer offered at the Mount Saint Mary College campus. Mount Saint Mary College's learning management software uses a modified Moodle platform called e-Class and grants students access to coursework, instructors and an online library. The Office of Online Learning supports MSMC students and instructors through a learner-centered methodology and collaboration in all coursework. Hybrid courses and classes in other programs are also available online.

19 Trocaire College 89.4511:198%

This private Roman Catholic college provides its students with a liberal arts education through a career-oriented curriculum. The institute specializes in preparing students interested in working in the healthcare, business and technology fields. With small classes offered in both the traditional and online learning formats, Trocaire offers three bachelor of science degrees, 12 associate degrees and eight certificate academic programs. Students can earn its Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree online, as well as its associate's degree in General Studies. Roughly 40 percent of the course requirements and electives for traditionally offered programs may be taken online, and about 20 of our 50 full-time faculty are designated as online instructors.

20 The Sage Colleges 88.8511:198%

Online programs at Russell Sage Online offer a multidisciplinary approach to curriculum with the flexibility of working students in mind. Online bachelor's degrees are available in business administration, accounting, information technology and cyber security. Students pursuing a master's can choose from applied nutrition, applied behavior analysis and autism, business administration, health services administration, and organization management. Some programs at Russell Sage Online have the option of accelerated schedules, so students can earn their degrees quickly without disrupting their personal or professional lives. All online coursework is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

21 The New School 87.2610:195%

The New School provides online learning options to adult learners and students who do not wish to peruse their degrees in a traditional on-campus setting. The New School offers two associate degrees, one bachelor's degree, four master's degrees and five certificate programs. Classes meet asynchronously, and students can access reading materials, participate in discussions and submit coursework when it's convenient for them. Classes are delivered via Blackboard, an online course management system used by the college. In addition to full degree programs, a number of stand-alone online courses are also available for students who wish to take some courses online to supplement an on-campus degree.

22 Saint Joseph’s College-New York 87.1912:196%

St Joseph's College's online programs are designed for working adults who choose to pursue degrees in business, management, organizational behavior and human resources at the undergraduate and graduate level. Students can complete the programs completely online from a computer or mobile device. A bachelor's degree in organizational management and a master's degree in business, plus professional certificates in human resources, leadership and human services are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. All coursework is delivered through the Blackboard learning system and courses are asynchronous so that students can have flexibility in course participation.

23 St John’s University-New York 86.7217:198%

Three online bachelor's degrees are available at St. John's University. Support services like advisement, online registration, library resources and campus ministry are available for students. All online programs provide the same instruction and experience as their on-campus counterparts. Bachelor's degree programs include administrative studies, criminal justice, liberal studies and business administration. St. John's University also provides online associate degrees in liberal arts, business and criminal justice and graduate programs in taxation, library science, accounting and social justice. Multiple advanced degree certifications are also available for online students. All online courses are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

24 Pace University-New York 86.6916:199%

Pace University's iPace bachelor's degree completion program is designed for students who already have completed college-level courses at another institution and want to complete their degree in a flexible, online environment. Except for some in-person clinical experience required of students in a few degree plans, all coursework is completely online. All classes are asynchronous so students can access coursework at their own pace. Bachelor's degrees are available in business studies, nursing, professional communication studies and professional technology studies. Students without college credit can earn an online associate degree in arts and sciences and students who already have a bachelor's degree can study graduate-level programs in business, nursing, professional studies, publishing, finance and information technology.

New York Online Colleges Spotlight

Online Departments in New York

Maria College of Albany

How would you describe your institution's approach to online learning?

The key aspect to Maria College’s online learning approach is having instructors who are certified in a ten week Blackboard training program that requires them to create an online course while also participating in one. This certification contributes to student success in an online environment. All online courses at Maria College are designed and built on a foundation of best practices in online course content and pedagogy.

What makes your online programs so valuable to students?

Maria College’s mission and values are integrated into each online course. Online courses are individually created providing students with the same warm and caring environment that they experience in face-to-face courses. Each online course is developed so students feel like they are part of the Maria College community. The online course offerings are designed following best practices in both online course design and delivery.

Where do you see your online programs in the next five years? Beyond?

In the next five years, the goal at Maria College is to double the course offerings in both online and hybrid formats. Plus, develop online degree programs. Long-term objectives are to continuously adapt to technological and programmatic advancements, as the college implements additional online offerings, thus enabling students to have instruction uniquely tailored to their needs.

Mercy College

How would you describe your institution's approach to online learning?

Mercy's approach to online learning is based on flexibility and access. Mercy is committed to offering quality programs that meet student's needs and interests.

Mercy College currently supports nearly 3,700 unique students (these are students who are taking one or more fully online course(s) and nearly 1,400 students who are taking all their courses fully online. We trained over 500 Faculty and Adjuncts (teaching fully online, blended or web-enhanced courses) on our Blackboard Learning Management.

New areas of growth are blended, "flipped" and web-enhanced courses. Mercy Online supports the expanding number of blended courses (for example, the entire School of Education now offers only blended courses, and other areas of the College offer many blended courses).

Top Online Programs:

  • Master’s Degree in English Literature
  • Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Master’s Degree in School Building Leadership
  • Master’s Degree in Counseling
  • Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
  • Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Science
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

What makes your online programs so valuable to students?

Mercy Online Learning mirrors the same academic support and college services for online students as we do for our traditional on-site students. Mercy Online provides the following college services tailored to distance learners:

  • Dedicated online learning academic advisor
  • Dedicated online learning student support/tech support
  • Virtual Librarian
  • Online Tutoring Services
  • Online Career Services
  • Online Counseling Services

Mercy's online students are set up for success with a Blackboard Learning Management System Orientation video and follow-up Readiness Quiz. The Mercy Online staff monitors the quiz results and reaches out to students that may need additional assistance.

Mercy Online students receive a comprehensive targeted "Welcome" email communication that provides important links, contact information, instructions and an animated tutorial to ensure a successful semester start. Blackboard 101 workshops and drop-in clinics are offered virtually and at all campuses.

Mercy Online has partnered with the College's Vitale Center for Academic Excellence and Innovation to provide online students access to a virtual learning center that includes a Virtual Writing Tutor who works with students remotely with a web-conferencing tool, providing the same support as the traditional face-to-face learning center model. Mercy College plans to expand these tutoring services to Math and Science.

Mercy Online allows students the ease, flexibility and affordability to complete their degree fully online. Mercy Online provides the personalized support, guidance, information and attention to ensure a successful online experience.

Mercy College offers 40 online programs, representing every school.

  • 20 bachelor’s degrees
  • 19 master’s degrees
  • One advanced certificate

Click here to view the online degrees offered.

Where do you see your online programs in the next five years? Beyond?

Mercy expects to grow the number of online courses and programs and increase student support services. Credit for prior learning will become a more integral part of our programs. The College is a national leader in adopting free or low cost online textbooks and learning resources to reduce the costs for our students. We will be integrating new forms of instruction into our programs including game based learning and other interactive models.

Great Resources for Online Students in New York

Distance learning presents a bundle of benefits and challenges to the online novice. Fortunately, there are countless software programs, websites and applications — many designed specifically for college students — that make the acclimation process to online learning much easier. They include library resources, knowledge databases, subject-specific reference materials, time management apps and mind-mapping programs. The following list serves as a primer to the wide variety of online tools and resources available to new and experienced students alike.