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AC Online is committed to providing current and prospective students with the necessary information and resources to succeed in college and after graduation. We’ve talked to numerous experts and done extensive research to help students make well-informed decisions about higher education and college life, from academic support to health and safety. Check out the guides below for expert-driven information and tips.

Academic Support

Plagiarism Prevention and Awareness

Plagiarism isn’t limited just to lifting the written word; accidental plagiarism can occur when someone fails to correctly cite sources or uses images, ideas or other forms of media without proper attribution. Learn what schools and students can do to help detect and avoid plagiarism – accidental and otherwise – on the college campus.

How College Transfers Work

One in three college students transfer schools at least once before graduation. This includes students moving from junior college to a four-year university, switching from university to university, or transferring credits from the military or internationally. The following guide helps students with the transfer process from decision-making to getting settled at a new school, with scholarships, expert advice, and key resources.

Being a Supportive Parent to Your College Student

Sending a child off to college is both exciting and nerve-racking for parents and caregivers. Not many families realize that there are resources out there that can help to make the transition an easier one. Discover how to navigate the process, from picking a school to financial aid, and learn where you can turn for extra support.

How to Clean Up Your Social Profiles

With the growth and popularity of social media, platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter now play a large role in recruitment and hiring. Recruiters user social media to find qualified applicants, while employers and hiring managers use it to get additional insight on candidates before making a hiring decision. Learn about red flags to avoid and find quick and easy social media profile fixes to ensure your professional success.

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Many scholarship resources exist for students with disabilities looking to help fund their college educations. From specific to broadly-focused, learn about where to find these scholarships and how to apply, and find out where to turn for other financial aid opportunities.

Financial Aid for Women

From scholarships to grants to work-study programs, women in higher education can find financial aid from several different sources. Find a list of scholarship opportunities for various disciplines and information on other financial support options specifically for women.

Financial Aid for Students of Color

When it comes to financial aid and scholarships, minority students can find several opportunities to help them achieve their academic goals. Finding these opportunities, however, isn’t always easy. This guide provides step-by-step information on how and where to find scholarships for women, African American, Asian and Pacific Islander, Native American, and Hispanic/Latino students.

Financial Aid for Hispanic Students

From tuition to textbooks to lab fees, making college affordable is a challenge. This guide offers financial aid and scholarship information as well as other educational resources specifically for Hispanic students.

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Degrees and Careers

Degrees Working with Animals

Degrees that enable students who care about the welfare and well-being of animals go way beyond the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. From agriculture management to zoology, degrees working with animals run the gamut and include business, biology, ecology, marine biology and more. This guide covers degrees working with animals, animal degree paths, and interviews with animal keepers from the Buffalo Zoo and the Cincinnati Zoo.

Degrees Working with Children

Students who are considering getting a degree that will enable them to work with children often gravitate to teaching, which is a great choice for those who want to make a difference in a child’s life. Look beyond teaching, however, and there several other degrees that those who aspire to work with kids can pursue. This guide offers a look at over two dozen of these degrees and offers the comprehensive steps students can take to reach their goal of working with kids.

Popular Accelerated Online College Degrees

Accelerated degrees can be a viable way to save time and money for motivated students who are ready to tackle their education head-on and get started in their careers sooner. Find out what to look for in an accelerated degree, who they are best for, how to get the most from an accelerated program, and what fast-track degrees are popular.

Degrees in Volunteer and Nonprofit Work

Nonprofit organizations give skilled professionals a chance to make a positive impact to help causes they are passionate about. From volunteer to paid positions, find out what it means to be a skills-based volunteer, what it is like to work at a nonprofit, and examples of available opportunities.

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Life on Campus

Cyberbullying in College

In order to combat cyberbullying, it’s important to understand what it is and what drives perpetrators of this high-tech harassment. Get more information on cyberbullying and how it affects college students, tips for stopping the harassment, and resources for reporting it.

College Housing Survival Guide

Moving away from home while starting college is a huge step in a student’s life, and making the right housing decision can set the stage for a successful college education. On-campus, off-campus, roommates or living with family – which is right for you? Find info on college housing options that can help lead you to make the best choice.

Going Green in College

According to a NASA, global surface temperature has increased rapidly since 2001. Data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also shows that carbon dioxide emissions have increased 90% since 1970. This continued warming of the world is a huge issue and while no one person, organization or country will be able to solve the problem on its own, colleges and students around the world can join the battle to help slow this relentless warming. Learn more about the climate change crisis, including what colleges and students are currently doing to fight it so you, too, can help save the planet.

Budgeting for College Students

The last thing you want to do at the end of a busy day filled with classes, group projects and exams is worry about money management, but developing good habits early is worth the effort. Budgeting as a student is an essential component of making college affordable, but far too often students don’t have the tools needed to succeed. The following guide illustrates why students need budgets, provides a list of common expenses and offers expert tips and a suite of handy budgeting apps.

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Student Special Interest Groups

College Success for Women in STEM

Despite women’s advancement in higher education, they still remain underrepresented in STEM and STEM-related fields, both inside and outside the classroom. This guide serves as a comprehensive resource for women who are interested in pursuing a STEM career. Learn more about what colleges, programs, and organizations are doing to close the gender gap and find scholarships specifically for women interested in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Help for Homeless College Students

Homelessness can affect people of all ages, including college students. Find information on higher education fee waivers, scholarships, resources, and support services for homeless college students in need.

LGBTQ College Student Resources

Feeling welcomed and included on college campuses is important to the success of students, and this especially includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students. Learn how colleges are offering support and resources for LGBTQ+ students, see which schools are going the extra mile for these students, where and how these students can find LGBTQ-specific scholarships, and how transgender students can find extra support and feel safe on campus.

Attending College as a Student-Parent

Juggling life and college is difficult for everyone, but it can be especially challenging for parents. This guide offers information specifically for student-parents to help them overcome obstacles within higher education and stay on track to succeed. Find out more about scholarships and financial aid, information on on-campus childcare, resources for single moms, and online programs.

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Students with Disabilities

Resources for Students with Disabilities

A college degree is more attainable now than ever before for students who have disabilities. Discover resources for adaptive technologies, advocacy and transitional information that can help to make postsecondary education a possibility for everyone.

Helping Visually Impaired Students

College students with visual disabilities face a unique set of academic challenges and barriers, but that doesn’t mean that earning a degree is impossible. Read more about what colleges are doing to help visually impaired students succeed and find information on assistive technology as well as insight from experts in the field.

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College Health and Safety

Substance Abuse in College

Students who are concerned that they or a friend may have a problem with drug and alcohol abuse may not know where to turn. This guide offers encouragement, help, and resources for students, along with an in-depth examination of who is at risk, the warning signs, and the various types of substances being abused on college campuses. We also look at binge drinking and the use of legal drugs illegally by students.

College Students’ Guide to Dealing with Stress

College is often a person’s first experience living as an adult. New situations like an increase in schoolwork, managing jobs, roommates and relationships can cause an increase in stress levels. With this guide, students can learn get more about the situations that create stress, healthy coping mechanisms and learn when to seek help.

Campus Safety Tips for College Students

Whether you’re a high school student going off to college for the first time or a college student returning for the new year, campus safety and security are big concerns. With this guide, students, parents, and guardians can learn more about college crimes, including sexual assault, and find out how and where to find resources, support services, and help.

Mental Health Support for College Students

Mental health and wellness has become a big concern on college campuses in recent years. Get more information on the most common mental health challenges that college students face, as well as guidance on resources, support services, and coping strategies from various mental health and counseling experts.

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