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Best Online Colleges in Indiana

Going to college is a big step, and one that shouldn’t be taken without lots of research and fact-finding beforehand. When finding the perfect fit, students often have lots of questions but may not know where to turn to get the best, most up-to-date answers. Things like cost are often at the forefront of their minds, but academic rigor, online learning options and how each school compares to others in their state are also frequent points of interest. The page that follows gives students in Indiana answers to their most pressing questions, while also providing them the tools needed to make informed decisions about their futures.

To identify the best accredited online colleges in Indiana, the team at Affordable Colleges Online measured each school by a range of metrics, including affordability, program availability, student-to-faculty ratio and other data points that students have shown to be important to them. We also took a close look at costs to highlight the best affordable online colleges in Indiana for students trying to balance a budget. To see which colleges made the cut, check out the list below.

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number University Score Location Annual Tuition # of Online Programs Financial Aid % Student-Teacher Ratio Grad Rate Credit for Experience Placement Services Counseling Services University Information
1. Indiana Wesleyan University 100.00 Marion, IN $24,102 49 43% 15:1 71% yes yes yes
2. Huntington University 99.69 Huntington, IN $23,976 9 99% 10:1 62% no yes yes
3. University of Saint Francis-Fort Wayne 99.38 Fort Wayne, IN $24,659 10 99% 11:1 51% yes yes yes
4. Indiana State University 98.97 Terre Haute, IN $8,216 33 64% 20:1 42% yes yes yes
5. Ball State University 98.78 Muncie, IN $8,682 20 48% 14:1 60% no yes yes
6. Grace College and Theological Seminary 98.53 Winona Lake, IN $24,670 7 94% 23:1 66% yes yes yes
7. Indiana University-Bloomington 97.85 Bloomington, IN $9,087 8 48% 17:1 77% yes yes yes
8. Purdue University-Main Campus 97.72 West Lafayette, IN $9,208 14 42% 12:1 70% no yes yes
9. Oakland City University 97.10 Oakland City, IN $19,800 5 93% 12:1 53% yes yes yes
10. Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis 96.22 Indianapolis, IN $7,878 14 44% 19:1 42% no yes yes
11. University of Southern Indiana 95.21 Evansville, IN $6,637 5 41% 18:1 37% yes yes yes
12. Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne 94.71 Fort Wayne, IN $6,938 5 17% 17:1 25% no yes yes
13. Indiana University-East 94.45 Richmond, IN $6,196 11 48% 15:1 24% no no yes
14. Purdue University-Calumet Campus 94.36 Hammond, IN $6,159 5 29% 18:1 30% no yes yes
15. Indiana Institute of Technology 93.85 Fort Wayne, IN $24,450 12 59% 31:1 35% yes no yes
16. Trine University-Regional/Non-Traditional Campuses 91.12 Fort Wayne, IN $10,080 12 N/A 10:1 0% yes yes yes
17. Ottawa University-Jeffersonville 88.93 Jeffersonville, IN $11,520 7 N/A 5:1 N/A yes no yes
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2-Year Best College Ranking

number University Score Location Annual Tuition # of Online Programs Financial Aid % Student-Teacher Ratio Grad Rate Credit for Experience Placement Services Counseling Services University Information
1. Ivy Tech Community College 100.00 Indianapolis, IN $3,935 38 11% 18:1 N/A yes yes yes

Indiana’s Online Colleges

According to data from the Indiana Department of Education, the Hoosier State is home to more than 50 colleges and universities (plus additional campuses) scattered throughout the area. Approximately half of these institutions currently offer fully-online programs, including public and private four-year institutions and two-year community colleges and vocational schools. Indiana Wesleyan University and Indiana State University are currently the largest providers of distance education, each offering more than 50 online degree paths to students in Indiana and across the country.

Understanding whether or not a student can take advantage of in-state tuition is often a deciding factor in whether or not they’ll attend a public school outside their place or residence or stick close to home. The good news is that some schools in Indiana make exceptions for non-resident student who will be attending via distance education. Aside from potential online student discounts, Indiana students and those in surrounding areas can take advantage of provisions via the Midwestern Higher Education Compact. As part of this reciprocity agreement, students in Indiana and other Midwest states can receive tuition discounts at schools in any of the member states.

The Online College Landscape in Indiana

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Education provided a detailed look at trends in online college. A full 11.2 percent of Indiana students that year were enrolled in fully-online programs. Here’s a breakdown of online college enrollment in Indiana.

8,374 undergrads were enrolled exclusively online
70.1% of full-time undergrad students lived in Indiana
19.4% of graduate students were enrolled online only
27.2% of 2-year students enrolled in at least one online class
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