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Best Online Colleges in Pennsylvania

If you live in Pennsylvania and want to learn online, you may not know where to start. Which colleges offer the best online programs and courses? What if I have a full-time job? Can I even afford to earn an online degree? The good news is, many of the online colleges and universities in Pennsylvania have accredited, affordable, and flexible learning options to help students work toward their academic and career goals. Explore this page to find the best online colleges in Pennsylvania, and identify ones make the most sense for you.

Pennsylvania is third in the nation when it comes to schools with online program options. Of the 127 schools with distance learning, 117 offer bachelor’s degree programs online, and 103 have online programs at the graduate level. Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education’s PA Universities Online connects students with all the online programs and courses at its 14 state universities. Here they search learning options by keyword, university, delivery format, and degree level. To keep up with news and info on distance learning in the state, the Pennsylvania Distance Learning Association (PADLA) actively encourages the free exchange of ideas and networking opportunities for professionals, instructors, and students alike.

Best Online Colleges in Pennsylvania: 2018

Online colleges in Pennsylvania represent diversity and opportunity. Schools such as Penn State World Campus have 20 years of experience delivering high-quality online programs to hundreds of thousands of students. Chatham, Villanova, and countless others also help students realize their academic and career goals with distance learning. And with tuition levels below many other states, Pennsylvania is a great place to start (and finish) and online college education.

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number University Score Location Annual Tuition # of Online Programs Financial Aid % Student-Teacher Ratio Grad Rate Credit for Experience Placement Services Counseling Services University Information
1. Cairn University-Langhorne 100.00 Langhorne, PA $23,035 5 100% 13:1 68% Yes Yes Yes
2. Temple University 99.62 Philadelphia, PA $14,406 15 82% 14:1 66% Yes Yes Yes
3. Baptist Bible College & Seminary of Pennsylvania 99.61 Clarks Summit, PA $18,960 12 100% 11:1 48% Yes Yes Yes
4. La Roche College 97.35 Pittsburgh, PA $24,750 3 75% 12:1 45% Yes Yes Yes
5. Wilson College 97.01 Chambersburg, PA $23,745 3 97% 10:1 56% Yes No Yes
6. University of Valley Forge 96.89 Phoenixville, PA $18,644 4 96% 13:1 44% Yes Yes Yes
7. University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus 96.83 Pittsburgh, PA $16,872 5 45% 15:1 80% No Yes Yes
8. Peirce College 95.99 Philadelphia, PA $13,200 11 84% 13:1 N/A Yes No Yes
9. California University of Pennsylvania 95.93 California, PA $6,820 15 35% 21:1 53% Yes Yes Yes
10. Pennsylvania State University-World Campus 95.90 University Park, PA $13,012 59 30% 12:1 N/A Yes No Yes
11. Clarion University of Pennsylvania 94.83 Clarion, PA $6,820 14 20% 18:1 54% Yes Yes Yes
12. Mansfield University of Pennsylvania 94.56 Mansfield, PA $6,820 7 31% 15:1 51% No Yes Yes
13. Indiana University of Pennsylvania 94.07 Indiana, PA $6,820 4 24% 19:1 51% Yes Yes Yes
14. Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania 94.05 Slippery Rock, PA $6,820 9 25% 22:1 63% No Yes Yes
15. West Chester University of Pennsylvania 94.01 West Chester, PA $6,820 4 12% 19:1 69% Yes Yes Yes
16. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania 93.76 Edinboro, PA $6,820 11 38% 19:1 46% Yes No Yes
17. Lock Haven University 93.63 Lock Haven, PA $6,820 5 8% 19:1 48% Yes Yes Yes
18. East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania 93.28 East Stroudsburg, PA $6,820 5 8% 22:1 56% No Yes Yes
19. Pennsylvania College of Technology 93.23 Williamsport, PA $12,960 5 23% 18:1 42% Yes Yes Yes
20. Gratz College 87.52 Melrose Park, PA $18,048 6 N/A 5:1 N/A Yes No Yes
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2-Year Best College Ranking

number University Score Location Annual Tuition # of Online Programs Financial Aid % Student-Teacher Ratio Grad Rate Credit for Experience Placement Services Counseling Services University Information
1. Pennsylvania Highlands Community College 100.00 Johnstown, PA $4,680 5 5% 20:1 N/A yes no yes

In Detail: Online Colleges in Pennsylvania

With ~110,000 students learning online at 127 schools across Pennsylvania, it’s clear the state is driving online educational success. Penn State World Campus has become one of the premier online colleges in Pennsylvania and the nation, and schools such as Clarion University and Clarks Summit University continue to improve their online learning programs and platforms. When taking the first step toward an online degree, it’s important to know your needs: accreditation, affordability, support services, a career center. Browse the best online colleges on this page to start, or use our comprehensive online PA college search tool to identify the places that just might work for you.

Online Students by the Numbers

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 13.8% of college students in Pennsylvania took at least one online course in 2012. An estimated 7.8% enrolled in a fully online degree program that year. Here’s a more detailed look at online students in PA in the government’s most recent survey results:

85% were undergraduates
61% of full-time online students lived in PA
82% were enrolled at public, 4-year institutions
12.5% of 2-year students enrolled in at least one online class