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Online Colleges in Georgia The 23 Best Schools of 2018

Over the past decade, Georgia has become one of the most progressive states in the U.S. when it comes to higher education. In 2016, more than 30 four-year colleges and universities provided students with online learning options at the certificate, undergraduate, and graduate levels. The University System of Georgia’s OnMyLine database helps students find these opportunities by connecting hundreds of accredited online programs and courses across the state. The GeorgiaView system houses course materials and serves as the central location for online class participation. This statewide commitment to flexible learning, combined with continued school-specific efforts, make Georgia a top location for online college success.

Finding the right educational path in Georgia requires understanding your college needs — whether ultimately flexibility, affordability, quantity of programs, or all of the above. Before identifying the best campus and online colleges in Georgia, and examining the intricacies of school selection, let’s see how the state compares to others in higher education overall.

Higher Education in Georgia

Georgia has one of the most progressive and diverse college landscapes in the U.S. According to the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, the state has 50 public institutions of higher learning, 28 of which belong to the University System of Georgia (USG). The USG includes research universities with a strong focus on doctoral degrees, comprehensive universities with a master’s concentration, state universities with a heavy bachelor’s contingent, and state colleges that offer a wide range of associate degrees. More than 320,000 students attended USG colleges in 2016, with ~38% attending research universities.

320KStudents attended USG Colleges in 2016.
38%Attend research universities
65%Jobs require atleast a Bachelor’s degree
51%Workers met the standard

This diversity of educational options helps make Georgia’s stated objective more achievable – to close the gap between statewide educational attainment and educational job requirements. The GBPI reports that 65% of jobs in Georgia required at least a bachelor’s degree in 2015, and just 51% of workers met the standard. Much of the shortage boils to down to a pair of difficult yet solvable challenges: access to higher education and the ability to pay for it.

The recession that started in 2007 hit Georgia especially hard.

Students and families had a much more difficult time paying for college, which led to a pair of significant changes in the Georgia higher education landscape. First, the number of students qualifying for Pell Grants in the state rose sharply from 27% in 2006 to nearly 50% in 2011. The number stands at 43% as of 2015 (the more recent data available). Second, enrollment in technical colleges increased to 133,455 students in 2016, making 2-year technical education the most popular higher learning option in the state today. Fifty-two percent of technical colleges students received Pell Grants that year.

Online Higher Education in Georgia

Online degree programs in Georgia represent another way the state and its schools aim to bridge the gap between educational attainment and educational job requirements.

According to the University System of Georgia’s OnMyLine system, students have 402 unique online degree programs available for enrollment during the 2017-18 school year.

In addition, the USG’s 29 colleges and universities offer hundreds of individual online courses that complement traditional campus-based options.

Why is this important? Access.

Accredited online colleges in GA – and their related programs – make it easier to work toward a degree regardless of finances or location. For example, the GeorgiaView system, The Georgia WebMBA, and the WebBSIT allow students to log in, interact with professors, discuss materials with peer, and more. This flexibility makes higher education a possibility for those who may live in a more rural area of Georgia, or those who have multiple work and/or family commitments. The access expands even further with Georgia’s participation in the Academic Common Market, where students pay in-state tuition at colleges and universities in fifteen other states.

Best Online Colleges in Georgia: 2018

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The growth of online college programs in Georgia demonstrates the state’s overall commitment to higher education excellence. The USG’s 402 online programs, combined with hundreds of programs across the remaining institutions, give students a wide range of options. But which colleges stand out? Which colleges offer the most affordable online programs year in and year out?

Let’s take a look at our list of the Best Online Colleges in Georgia for the 2017-2018 school year:

1. Brenau University Gainesville $24,380 Brenau UniversityLearn More 85% 9 11:1 45% Yes Yes Yes
2. Toccoa Falls College Toccoa Falls $19,150 Toccoa Falls CollegeLearn More 97% 8 13:1 46% No Yes Yes
3. Shorter University Rome $19,880 Shorter UniversityLearn More 96% 7 15:1 46% No Yes Yes
4. Thomas University Thomasville $14,800 Thomas UniversityLearn More 91% 5 10:1 34% Yes Yes Yes
5. Truett-McConnell College Cleveland $16,650 Truett-McConnell CollegeLearn More 99% 4 16:1 16% No Yes Yes
6. Luther Rice University & Seminary Lithonia $5,640 Luther Rice University & SeminaryLearn More 67% 6 23:1 50% No Yes Yes
7. Point University West Point $16,700 Point UniversityLearn More 91% 4 18:1 48% No No Yes
8. Georgia Southwestern State University Americus $3,792 Georgia Southwestern State UniversityLearn More 37% 9 17:1 36% Yes Yes Yes
9. University of Georgia Athens $8,590 University of GeorgiaLearn More 20% 15 18:1 82% No Yes Yes
10. Columbus State University Columbus $4,078 Columbus State UniversityLearn More 11% 16 17:1 31% Yes Yes Yes
11. Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Atlanta $9,002 Georgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusLearn More 23% 9 19:1 82% No Yes Yes
12. Albany State University Albany $3,792 Albany State UniversityLearn More 13% 9 18:1 42% Yes Yes Yes
13. Fort Valley State University Fort Valley $4,740 Fort Valley State UniversityLearn More 23% 6 17:1 30% No Yes Yes
14. Georgia Southern University Statesboro $4,078 Georgia Southern UniversityLearn More 11% 18 21:1 50% Yes No Yes
15. University of North Georgia Dahlonega $3,364 University of North GeorgiaLearn More 8% 7 21:1 52% Yes Yes Yes
16. Clayton State University Morrow $3,792 Clayton  State UniversityLearn More 8% 7 18:1 29% No Yes Yes
17. Georgia College and State University Milledgeville $6,970 Georgia College and State UniversityLearn More 9% 6 17:1 61% Yes Yes Yes
18. University of West Georgia Carrollton $4,080 University of West GeorgiaLearn More 8% 7 20:1 43% No Yes Yes
19. Armstrong State University Savannah $3,792 Armstrong State UniversityLearn More 9% 7 17:1 34% Yes No Yes
20. Valdosta State University Valdosta $4,078 Valdosta State UniversityLearn More 6% 11 19:1 40% Yes No Yes
21. Darton State College Albany $2,328 Darton State CollegeLearn More 10% 4 19:1 N/A Yes No Yes
22. Georgia Regents University Augusta $6,000 Georgia Regents UniversityLearn More 10% 9 12:1 29% No No Yes
23. Beulah Heights University Atlanta $9,090 Beulah Heights UniversityLearn More 38% 6 13:1 41% No No Yes
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2-Year Best College Ranking

1. Albany Technical College Albany $4,005 Albany Technical CollegeLearn More 4% 26 16:1 N/A yes yes yes
2. Central Georgia Technical College Warner Robins $2,040 Central Georgia Technical CollegeLearn More 2% 45 15:1 N/A yes yes yes
3. Georgia Piedmont Technical College Clarkston $2,136 Georgia Piedmont Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 43 14:1 N/A yes yes yes
4. Georgia Northwestern Technical College Rome $2,136 Georgia Northwestern Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 32 18:1 N/A yes yes yes
5. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Valdosta $2,136 Wiregrass Georgia Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 24 13:1 N/A yes yes yes
6. Lanier Technical College Oakwood $2,670 Lanier Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 26 14:1 N/A no yes yes
7. Atlanta Technical College Atlanta $2,136 Atlanta Technical CollegeLearn More 1% 11 13:1 N/A no yes yes
8. Southeastern Technical College Vidalia $2,136 Southeastern Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 19 11:1 N/A no yes yes
9. West Georgia Technical College Waco $2,136 West Georgia Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 18 16:1 N/A no yes yes
10. Oconee Fall Line Technical College Sandersville $2,136 Oconee Fall Line Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 12 10:1 N/A no yes yes
11. Ogeechee Technical College Statesboro $2,136 Ogeechee Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 17 15:1 N/A no yes yes
12. Columbus Technical College Columbus $2,136 Columbus Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 8 16:1 N/A yes yes yes
13. Augusta Technical College Augusta $2,136 Augusta Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 6 15:1 N/A yes yes yes
14. Southern Crescent Technical College Griffin $3,204 Southern Crescent Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 17 18:1 N/A yes yes yes
15. Coastal Pines Technical College Waycross $4,005 Coastal Pines Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 17 12:1 N/A no yes yes
16. Chattahoochee Technical College Marietta $2,136 Chattahoochee Technical CollegeLearn More N/A 14 24:1 N/A no yes yes
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Scholarships & Grants in Georgia

Pell Grants and attending junior or technical college represent two great ways to save on higher education. However, for those who may not qualify for a Pell Grant, and/or who have a bachelor’s degree as a stepping stone goal, other means of aid may be required. The state of Georgia has a number of scholarship and grant programs design specifically to help aspiring college students at all levels pay for their education:

1. HOPE Scholarship

The Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally (HOPE) Scholarship offers partial tuition for students enrolled in associate or bachelor’s degree programs at a qualifying public or private college in Georgia. Students must have and maintain a 3.0 GPA, to start.

Scholarship Amount: Varies

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2. HOPE Grant

Very similar to the HOPE Scholarship, but for students pursuing a certificate or a diploma. Students must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA to qualify for and keep their grant status.

Scholarship Amount: Varies

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3. Zell Millar Scholarship

A merit-based scholarship for Georgia college students with a minimum 3.7 GPA and a minimum 1,200 math + reading score on the SAT (or a composite ACT score of 26). Students must hold a 3.3 GPA to keep their scholarship.

Scholarship Amount: Varies

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4. HOPE GED Grant

For students who earned a GED from the Georgia Technical College System and plan to further their education at the post-secondary level. Full-time enrollment is not required and students must use the grant within two years of GED completion.

Scholarship Amount: $500

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5. University of Georgia Scholarships

Many Georgia colleges offer school-sponsored scholarships for students who meet certain criteria. UGA awarded an estimated $7 million worth of scholarship money to students in 2016.

Scholarship Amount: Varies

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