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Updated April 10, 2023

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The Most Affordable Paths & Career Potential in Marketing

Marketing professionals focus on advertising goods and services. They help create a unified brand image to use in visual retailing, promotions, and campaigns. During the development phase, marketers consider what value a product or service brings to customers. They may gather data about consumer behavior and analyze how consumers make buying decisions.

Anyone interested in a marketing career should consider earning a marketing associate degree online. This guide covers important information for prospective associate in marketing students, including common courses, potential jobs and salaries, and helpful resources.

Quiz: Is An Online Marketing Associate Program Right for Me?

Prospective students should review the following quiz to discover whether an online associate degree in marketing aligns with their personal and professional goals.

Q: Are you interested in studying communication, consumer psychology, multimedia technologies, public relations, and advertising?

A: Marketing positions are necessary in almost every industry. An online associate degree in marketing gives students basic marketing and branding knowledge from a generalist perspective, preparing students to work in fields such as sales, customer service, public relations, and advertising.

Q: Does a two-year program feel like the right study timeline?

A: Online associate degrees in marketing typically include 60 credits and take two years of full-time study to complete. However, online classes often allow students to work at their own pace, which is helpful for busy students who prefer to study part time. Many online programs also allow students to expedite graduation through year-round admissions and accelerated course schedules.

Q: Do you have prior credits to transfer?

A: Many online associate degree programs offer transfer credits for prior learning, such as high school AP classes and college courses. Work experience may also qualify for credits, particularly for students who worked in a marketing-related job. Students should consult the admissions office of each prospective school to determine the number of transfer credits they're eligible for.

Q: Are you interested in eventually earning a bachelor's degree?

A: An associate degree in marketing is the minimum requirement for many entry-level marketing positions, such as marketing assistant, customer service associate, sales support specialist, and market research assistant. An online bachelor's degree in marketing provides opportunities for career advancement, qualifying graduates for marketing roles with more responsibility and higher pay. Students can typically transfer many of their associate degree credits to a bachelor's program, allowing them to expedite graduation. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Associates in Marketing Online Programs

Find a program that meets your affordability, flexibility, and education needs through an accredited, online school.

What Will You Learn in an Online Associate Marketing Program?

An associate degree typically consists of 60 credits and focuses on foundational knowledge and skills rather than specialized areas. Learners study concepts such as consumer behavior research, marketing strategy, and integrated marketing communications. They also learn about the different forms of marketing, including direct, business-to-business, and digital marketing.

This section reviews what to expect when pursuing a marketing associate degree online, including common courses and skills.

Common Classes and Coursework

Skills You Will Gain

Marketing associate degree programs usually include a foundational marketing course in the first semester. The introductory marketing class focuses on topics such as how to price goods and services and create promotional materials to sell them. Learners study consumer behavior, market segmentation, and marketing strategies.

More advanced courses delve into specific aspects of marketing, such as integrated marketing communications and brand image development. Programs also usually offer a course that focuses on buyer behavior. Learners examine why consumers make certain decisions and how marketing affects purchasing choices. They also learn how to conduct consumer research.

Additionally, most associate marketing programs include a course on digital marketing, which typically covers topics such as social media and email marketing and search engine optimization. Learners may also take basic business courses, such as introduction to business, business mathematics, and finance.

Average Degree Length

Students pursuing a marketing associate degree online typically graduate in two years of full-time study. However, degree length varies by factors such as transfer credit, program format, and enrollment status. Students with eligible transfer credits can bypass certain course requirements and graduate sooner.

Additionally, many schools offer accelerated programs that allow students to expedite graduation, with students often graduating in 18 months. Courses in these programs may only last five or six weeks and require more intensive work from students. Distance learners with work and family obligations may prefer to study part time, which usually adds a year or two to the degree.

Career Opportunities with an Associate Degree in Marketing

Graduates with an associate degree in marketing enjoy diverse career opportunities, qualifying for entry-level roles such as marketing assistant and advertising sales agent. This section covers several career opportunities for graduates, including potential salaries.

Potential Careers and Salaries

Marketing graduates can work in a variety of fields, including public relations, event planning, fundraising, and sales. The following table outlines common jobs for graduates with an associate degree in marketing.

Marketing Assistant

Marketing assistants work in entry-level positions in a marketing department. They carry out administrative duties and help with collecting data for market research. Marketing assistants need at least an associate degree.

Median Annual Salary:$38,077

Marketing Representative

Marketing representatives publicize a company's products or services. They also keep tabs on customer reactions and feedback. Although many employers prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree, professionals with an associate degree and work experience may qualify for this job, as well.

Median Annual Salary:$46,902

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts use data to conduct research on customer demand for a product or service. Associate degree-holders with certification from the Market Research Association can often find jobs as market research analysts.

Median Annual Salary:$53,378

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

These professionals create programs and campaigns to market goods and services. They often direct marketing representatives and assistants. Most marketing managers hold a bachelor's degree; however, graduates with an associate degree can earn this position with several years of experience.

Median Annual Salary:$132,620

Advertising Sales Agent

Advertising sales agents sell a company's ad services to clients. These professionals may find jobs without a degree, but earning an associate degree gives candidates a competitive edge in the job market.

Median Annual Salary:$51,740

Five Marketing Scholarships to Apply For

Marketing students can take advantage of several funding opportunities to offset the cost of tuition. They can take out federal loans with low interest rates, participate in work-study programs, and apply for scholarships. We outline five scholarship opportunities for marketing associate students below.

Marketing EDGE Scholarship

Who Can Apply:�Marketing EDGE offers scholarships to undergraduate students pursuing marketing or a related major with at least a 3.0 GPA. Candidates must have participated in at least one Marketing EDGE program.



AMA Diversity Leadership Scholarship

Who Can Apply:�Marketing undergraduate students who identify as African American, Indian American, Pacific Islander, or Hispanic can apply for this scholarship. Candidates must hold membership to the American Marketing Association and possess a 3.25 minimum GPA.



HubShout Internet Marketing Scholarship

Who Can Apply:�Undergraduate students who completed their first year of college with a minimum 3.0 GPA can apply for this scholarship. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in internet marketing.



Knowmad Internet Marketing Scholarship

Who Can Apply:�This scholarship offers a one-time financial award to undergraduate students who finished their first year of college with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Candidates must show a passion for internet marketing.



Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarship

Who Can Apply:�Specifically for associate degree students, this scholarship offers funding to members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Candidates need a minimum 3.5 GPA.



Educational Advancement in Marketing

Associate degree graduates can begin working professionally straight away or can continue their education. Many people with two-year degrees decide to earn a bachelor's degree, which can lead to higher-level and better-paying marketing jobs. This section outlines important information for students who wish to further their marketing education.

Should You Transfer to a Four-Year Degree Program?

Many community colleges hold transfer agreements with four-year universities, which allow associate degree graduates to seamlessly transfer to a bachelor's program. Students should research their school's transfer agreements and work with an advisor to explore their transfer options and eligibility.

What Degree Paths Should You Consider?

Graduates with an associate degree in marketing can pursue a bachelor's in marketing or supplement their marketing knowledge by majoring in a related field, such as business or graphic design. The following list outlines common bachelor's majors for graduates with an associate degree in marketing.


A bachelor's degree in marketing positions graduates for marketing roles with higher pay and more responsibility than a marketing associate degree.


This degree equips students with versatile business knowledge and skills, preparing them for management and leadership positions in diverse industries.


A bachelor's degree in graphic design allows associate marketing graduates to apply their marketing skills to create brand images and designs for companies.

Professional Organizations and Resources

Marketing students and graduates benefit from professional resources and associations. These organizations often offer networking, scholarship, continuing education, and professional development opportunities.

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