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A general studies associate degree advances professionals’ education and increases their earning potential. General studies provides a flexible, interdisciplinary route to a degree, particularly for transfer students. For example, a general studies program often accepts transfer credits in various academic disciplines. This allows degree-seekers to maximize their prior college experience.

After earning an associate degree in general studies, graduates can transfer into a bachelor’s program. The degree also meets the requirements for many entry-level roles in business, social services, and nonprofits. Our list ranks the most affordable online associate in general studies programs for students seeking a budget-friendly option.

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General Studies Degree Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of jobs can you get with a general studies degree?

    A general studies degree provides a well-rounded education in critical thinking, writing, and research. Graduates work as administrative assistants, clerks, sales associates, and paraeducators.

  • How long does it take to get a degree in general studies?

    Earning an associate degree in general studies typically takes two years of full-time enrollment to complete. Transfer students with prior college credits can earn their degree sooner.

  • Is general studies the same as general education?

    Some colleges use general studies and general education interchangeably. At others, general education refers to distribution requirements for a degree, while general studies refers to an interdisciplinary major.

  • Can you be a teacher with a general studies degree?

    A bachelor’s in general studies may meet the requirements for certain roles in education. However, licensed teachers typically need a bachelor’s in education.

Why Get a Degree in General Studies?

Earning an associate degree in general studies offers many professional and personal benefits. Graduates increase their earning potential while benefiting from a flexible enrollment option.

Increase Earning Potential
Earning an associate degree translates into a higher salary. Associate degree-holders earn about $7,000 more annually than those with a high school diploma, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Transfer into a Bachelor’s Degree
With a general studies degree, graduates can transfer into a bachelor’s program. In most cases, an associate in general studies meets the general education requirements for a bachelor’s degree.
Maximize Transfer Credits
A general studies degree helps learners maximize their prior college credits. Many programs accept transfer credits from various disciplines, making it easier to earn a degree.
Individualized Study
With a general studies major, students can create an individualized, interdisciplinary course of study.
Online programs prioritize flexibility. Distance learners often complete coursework around their work schedule or other responsibilities. Most online general studies degrees also let learners enroll part time.

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Courses in General Studies

An associate degree in general studies emphasizes flexibility. Undergraduates complete courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences during their program. Many students choose a general studies major to accommodate a large number of transfer credits.

A general studies curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and analytical skills. General studies majors also strengthen their research, reading, and writing abilities. These skills prepare graduates for the workforce or a bachelor’s program. This section introduces common general studies courses. While colleges set their own graduation requirements, many incorporate courses in the following areas.

In college writing courses, learners strengthen their composition skills. The course emphasizes different writing types, including persuasive essays and research papers. Learners examine rhetorical approaches and writing for various audiences. During the course, students build a portfolio of their work and strengthen their reading and writing skills.

U.S. history courses survey the United States’ development from the colonial era to the present. Learners examine the Revolutionary and Civil Wars’ causes, the impact of American expansion, and U.S. diplomatic relations. The course emphasizes reading and writing skills, benefitting general studies graduates who go on to a bachelor’s degree.

An introduction to sociology course examines the study of human society. Students learn about social institutions, group dynamics, and social change. By studying different sociological theories, learners strengthen their analytical skills. After the course, enrollees better understand the role of gender, race, and socioeconomic status in society.

Many general studies programs incorporate math requirements, including classes like math for business. Enrollees learn about mathematical concepts and tools in a business context, including areas like finance and accounting. Learners measure event probabilities to determine insurance policies, compute compound interest, and analyze numerical data.

In philosophy courses, learners examine philosophical questions about morality and ethics. The course introduces history’s important thinkers and philosophers. Students may examine theories of knowledge, philosophical logic, and the practical application of philosophy. The course strengthens reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Scholarships for General Studies Students

Students pursuing an associate in general studies qualify for many scholarship opportunities. Professional associations, private organizations, and foundations all offer scholarships for associate degree enrollees. Along with the following opportunities, general studies majors can research scholarships based on their state, college, or career goals.

  • Niche Community College Scholarship

    Who Can Apply: Niche offers scholarships for community college students, including junior colleges and state colleges. Recipients, chosen by random draw, use the award to cover tuition or other degree-related costs.
    Amount: $500


  • American Association for Women in Community Colleges Scholarships

    Who Can Apply: AAWCC grants scholarships to community college students, including those pursuing a general studies associate degree. The national board scholarships, for example, support learners from eight different regions.
    Amount: $500-$1,500


  • GEICO Pathway to Completion Associate Degree Scholarship

    Who Can Apply: Phi Theta Kappa awards this scholarship that supports students in leadership positions at their school or in their community. Recipients must be enrolled in an associate program.
    Amount: $1,000


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