14 First World Problems That Make Adulting Hard in College

Adulting is tough, especially for college students. And while technology and the Internet have made some things super convenient, the struggle is still very real – or at least annoying. From dating to dealing with roommates, here are 14 ridiculous(ly funny) first world problems students deal with on the regular:

1. When the A/C is always blasting in that one class.

2. When someone takes your unassigned assigned seat in class.

3. When the Wi-Fi on the quad is free, but it’s too slow.

4. When you don’t have the latest emoji board so you can’t tell how your crush from class really feels.

5. When you’re the only student in your 400-person class that actually uses the message board.

6. When you’re already late for class and miss the bus because you just had to watch one more episode on Netflix.

7. When you realize there’s no free food at the student union meeting.

8. When you have no idea if you’re late for class because your phone died.

9. When your roommate doesn’t refill the Brita.

10. When you accidentally swipe right for that hottie you sit next to in English 101.

11. When the last class you need to graduate is only offered at 8 a.m.

12. When your Amazon Prime item isn’t eligible for same-day delivery so you won’t have your textbook in time for the exam.

13. When your new favorite TV show isn’t bingeable so you’ve run out of ways to put off writing that 10-page paper.

14. When you don’t check the required reading amount on Rate My Professor before the first day of class.

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