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Table of Contents: GRE Online Resources and Study Options
1. Get to Know the GRE
2. GRE Resources
3. GRE Prep Money-Saving Questions
4. A Student Discusses Taking the GRE Affordably

Attending graduate school can open many doors. Graduates with an advanced degree can become professors, executives, or researchers. Before learners can start their studies, they may need to take the GRE.

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations. Many college applications require this standardized test score. While not every graduate program requires this exam, prospective graduate students should complete it. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) administers the GRE. The exam covers analytical writing and quantitative and verbal reasoning.

This page provides GRE resources and tips for how to succeed on the exam. With the right prep work and effort, you can attain a good score.

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Get to Know the GRE

  • Q. What is the GRE?

    The GRE includes 82 questions that cover writing and reasoning topics. Many graduate schools use the exam score as an admission requirement. Grad school applicants can take the exam online or at a testing center.

  • Q. Who Takes the GRE?

    Typically, aspiring STEM majors pursuing a graduate degree take the exam. GRE requirements vary by college, so not every student applying to graduate school takes the exam. Recent data reveals that 88% of test-takers are under age 30. Additionally, 66% of test-takers complete the GRE as an undergraduate senior or after graduation.

  • Q. What Does the GRE Measure?

    The first section measures analytical writing. One question in this section focuses on analyzing an issue. The other focuses on analyzing an argument. The GRE also includes 40 verbal reasoning questions and 40 quantitative reasoning questions. The amount of unscored and research questions vary.

  • Q. Do I Need to Take the GRE?

    Learners should check with their prospective graduate school for GRE requirements. Usually, STEM majors must take the exam. However, learners unsure about their future study plans can still take the GRE. Scores stay valid for five years after the test date.

  • Q. Where Do I Take the GRE?

    The ETS allows students to take the GRE online or at a testing center. Learners can access a list of testing centers. In-person test-takers need a valid form of ID.

GRE Resources

Students can access many GRE resources to prepare for the exam. The section below highlights various GRE test prep options. Consider incorporating several of these options.

Join or Form a GRE Study Group

Students who enjoy working with others may benefit from a study group. Learners can swap study tips and share discoveries. Local libraries and college resource centers may provide lists of established GRE study groups. Learners can also start their own GRE study group.

Local GRE Classes

Many colleges offer GRE courses for a small fee. These classes typically do not count toward college credit or impact a GPA. Learners can ask questions in real time and meet peers to form study groups. These courses provide a study plan and cover common test-taking strategies.

GRE Prep Apps

  • Manhattan Prep GRE Study App This app offers GRE study options and tools. The material defines more than 500 common vocab words. Users can access more than 1,000 test questions.
  • GRE Prep & Practice by Magoosh Visual and auditory learners may enjoy using this app. Users can access helpful study videos and take practice questions to test retainment.
  • GRE Vocabulary Flashcards Prep This study tool features 2,900 practice questions and 2,800 vocabulary and review flashcards. A 12-month membership costs $40.

GRE Study Guides

Some learners benefit the most from basic study guides. Fortunately, the ETS offers free study guides and practice exams. Mometrix also provides free and paid study guides. Students can use these guides for solo or group studying.

GRE Planners

Most successful test-takers follow a solid study plan. Even learners who do not enjoy following plans may improve their score with a GRE planner. These tools break up study plans into manageable timelines. Avoid pulling a last-minute all-nighter before the exam with a Magoosh study plan or a MyGRE Tutor plan.

GRE Prep Money-Saving Questions

  • Q. Are Discounts Available To Active Service Members or Veterans?

    Although active service members and veterans typically must pay full price upfront, they may qualify for reimbursement. The GI Bill® covers standardized test fees and tuition. It covers both the GRE General and GRE Subject versions. Learn about reimbursement eligibility here.

  • Q. Are There Scholarships To Help Pay for the GRE?

    Some schools offer GRE test fee scholarships. For example, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley covers fees for students admitted unconditionally. Applicants should contact a prospective school’s admissions department for more information.

  • Q. Can an Employer Pay for the GRE?

    Before paying for the GRE out of pocket, learners should first check with their employer. Some employers include application and test fees in incentive packages. Some companies give employees a continuing education allowance. The GRE fee may qualify as a covered expense. Typically, a human resources department handles requests for GRE resources and funds.

  • Q. Does the Testing Service Administering the GRE Offer Any Discounts?

    The ETS provides a Fee Reduction Program for specific individuals. Qualifying test-takers receive $100 worth of free study materials. To request a reduction, students can complete an application form. Without a scholarship or reduction, learners should expect to pay around $205.

A Student Discusses Taking the GRE Affordably

Klint Kanopka took the GRE in August 2016 and scored a 165 on qualitative, 170 on quantitative, and 5.5 on writing. He achieved these grades by spending $25 on a GRE book published by The Princeton Review. Kanopka will start a Ph.D. in science education at Stanford University in fall 2021.

Prior to taking the exam, Kanopka served as a physics teacher in the Philadelphia School District for eight years. In this role, he taught robotics, forensics, and math courses.

  • Q. How Can Examinees Best Leverage Free/Affordable Resources Without Sacrificing a Higher Score?

    With the GRE and other standardized tests, the questions themselves aren’t extremely hard. It’s the format that’s difficult. The best way to prepare is to take full-length, timed practice tests under similar conditions.

    I started my prep about a month before the exam. My prep book included two full-length, scored practice tests. I first familiarized myself with question types and then practiced them in an untimed format. Once I understood the different question types and their instructions, I took the first practice exam.

  • Q. What's the Best Undervalued Resource Currently Available?

    The library. In addition to taking advantage of GRE study materials within its collection, I also took a practice exam in a Philadelphia Free Library cubicle to try to simulate the environment as best I could. I brought some earplugs to block out the sound.

  • Q. What's Your Best Advice for Students Preparing To Sit for the Exam?

    After taking the first practice test, spend a few days reviewing the question types you found most challenging. Then take a second practice test. Make sure you set aside time every day for GRE practice work.

    Schedule two practice exams before testing day, and take them seriously. Look for materials that offer the most timed, full-length, computerized practice tests.

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