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Business was the most popular college major in 2016-17, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. During this school year, the latest year for which data is available, colleges and universities conferred 381,000 business degrees out of a total of almost two million degrees.

A business degree’s versatility likely accounts for its popularity. Graduates can work in many diverse fields, including human resources, accounting, banking, and real estate.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), management analysts earn a median annual salary of $85,260, which is more than double the average median income of other workers ($39,810). The BLS projects jobs for these professionals to grow 11% between 2019-2029.

Whether students earn an on-campus or online business management degree, they can look forward to entering a robust field.

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Business Management Schools Q&A

  • Q. What kind of jobs can you get with a business management degree?

    A business management degree can lead to jobs such as sales representative, stockbroker, marketing analyst, and management consultant.

  • Q. What is the best online college for business management?

    This guide features some of the best business management degrees online. Prospective students should consider their education and career goals when choosing a program.

  • Q. What is the difference between business management and business administration?

    Business management focuses on organizational planning, human resources, leadership principles, and management theories. Business administration focuses on practical business applications, including finance, marketing, and operations.

  • Q. How much money can you make with a business management degree?

    According to the BLS, management professionals earn a median annual salary of $105,660.


Why Get a Degree in Business Management?

Although professionals with an associate degree in business can pursue entry-level positions, professionals with a bachelor’s in business management can explore higher-paying options. See below for a few reasons students pursue a bachelor’s in business management.

Enhance Professional Credibility
A bachelor’s degree presents the holder as a professional with a keen business acumen developed through four years of instruction and training.
Requirement for Promotion
Employers and business owners often prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree for top management and leadership positions, which typically feature increased responsibilities and higher salaries.
Prepare for Graduate School
A bachelor’s in business management degree meets the academic requirement for many master’s programs, including a master’s in accounting and a master of business administration.
Increase Earning Potential
According to the BLS, bachelor’s degree-holders earn higher weekly median salaries than associate-trained workers ($1,248 and $887, respectively).
Keep Industry Knowledge Current
The best business management programs include coursework on the latest research development, current practices, and relevant regulatory transitions.

Online Bachelor’s in Business Management Degrees 2021

  1. Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus

    Portales, NM



    Eastern New Mexico University is the state's largest comprehensive college. ENMU's robust virtual college offers a BBA in management entirely online. Students learn how to manage people and processes in any industry.

    Students complete general education and major coursework. All BBA students complete coursework in accounting, marketing, business law, and spreadsheets and data analysis. They also study advanced topics such as organizational behavior and production and operations management. A capstone course focuses on business strategy and policy.

    Enrollees receive access to the writing center, tutoring services, and the success center. Admission requires SAT or ACT scores and school transcripts.

  2. Appalachian State University

    Boone, NC



    Appalachian State University offers an online BSBA in management that allows nontraditional students with significant prior credits to complete their bachelor's degree. The degree-completion program covers topics such as finance, marketing, and operations management.

    All enrollees must also fulfill a global issues requirement, choosing from five options, such as a study abroad experience or a 400-hour international internship. The curriculum devotes 15 credits to managerial topics, such as HR management. Learners culminate the degree with integrative exercises.

    Admission to the BSBA requires at least 67 transfer credits with a minimum cumulative 2.25 GPA.

  3. University of Louisiana at Monroe

    Monroe, LA



    ULM Online offers 35 fully online degrees, including an online BBA in management. The 120-credit curriculum includes general education courses in areas such as English, math, and psychology. During their junior year, students take business-related courses in areas such as business finance, organizational behavior, and the fundamentals of marketing.

    Students can use elective credits to pursue specialized training in areas such as talent acquisition and human resource development. All students take a management information systems course that focuses on the use of technology for managerial decision-making.

    ULM Online charges a flat tuition rate for all students pursuing the business management degree online, regardless of residency. Admission requires SAT or ACT scores and transcripts.

  4. Southeastern University

    Lakeland, FL



    A Christian college located in Florida, Southeastern University offers an online BS in organizational leadership. The 120-credit curriculum requires general education courses on subjects such as sociology, psychology, and marriage and family. The major explores leadership theory and practice. Students learn about principled leadership and how to lead organizational change.

    An optional internship gives students hands-on experience in a business environment. The capstone course explores the essential qualities of a servant leader and how to apply servant leadership concepts in the workplace.

    SEU's eight-week sessions facilitate accelerated learning. Admission to this online business management degree program requires SAT or ACT scores and transcripts.

  5. Florida International University

    Miami, FL



    Florida International University boasts 20 years of experience delivering online degrees. The BBA in management continues that tradition with a fully online curriculum. The 120-credit program covers topics such as financial management, operations management, and applied business statistics.

    Students learn how to manage their careers and engage in effective business communication. One notable course focuses on how to achieve happiness at work. Learners also take courses on topics like business ethics, executive skill development, and human resource management.

    Each online learner works with a success coach to help them accomplish their academic goals. Admission requires SAT or ACT scores and prerequisite business courses with a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA.

  6. McNeese State University

    Lake Charles, LA



    Located in Louisiana, McNeese State University administers more than 100 academic programs. The school's online BS in management blends theoretical knowledge with real-world experience. The 120-credit curriculum includes general education courses such as English composition and finite math. Enrollees begin to develop foundational business skills during their sophomore year. Learners study topics like accounting, Microsoft Excel for business, and strategic and operations management.

    Students can optionally pursue an HR management concentration that cultivates skills in training and development and managing compensation and benefits. Internship opportunities give students hands-on experience with local employers.

    Six- and seven-week sessions help students quickly complete the business management degree online. Admission requires SAT or ACT scores for freshmen and a minimum 2.0 GPA for transfer students.

  7. University of Nebraska at Kearney

    Kearney, NE



    Established in 1905, the University of Nebraska at Kearney offers an online BS in business administration with a management emphasis. The 120-credit program develops skills in accounting, finance, and operations management. Students explore the legal, ethical, and corporate responsibility challenges faced by businesses.

    The management emphasis requires seven courses that include HR management and small business management. This track also provides specialized training in areas such as labor relations and healthcare management.

    Students pursuing the business management degree online receive access to the writing center and other academic support. Admission requires SAT or ACT scores for freshmen and a minimum 2.0 GPA for transfer students.

  8. Northern State University

    Aberdeen, SD



    Located in South Dakota, Northern State University offers an online BS in management. Learners study business best practices and modern management methodologies. Students complete a 48-credit business core that develops competencies in key areas such as accounting, business finance, and marketing.

    Students can pursue one of three concentrations: entrepreneurship, leadership, or supply chain analytics management. In lieu of a concentration, students can pursue the general management track. Students complete an internship, which helps learners explore career opportunities in fields such as banking and accounting.

    Admission requires SAT or ACT scores or a minimum 2.6 high school GPA.

  9. West Texas A & M University

    Canyon, TX



    West Texas A & M University offers a fully online BBA in management. The BBA's core courses explore accounting, business finance, and management information systems. A strategic management and policy course teaches students how to make sound decisions under uncertain conditions.

    The management major explores five topics, including organizational behavior and production operations management. Students can use 12 credits to take advanced management electives. Student organizations, such as Enactus and the Accounting and Finance Association, provide extracurricular activities that can help students prepare for their career.

    The school offers a tuition guarantee that helps keep the BBA affordable. Admission to the online business management degree requires SAT or ACT scores.

  10. Florida Atlantic University

    Boca Raton, FL



    Florida Atlantic University operates six campuses in Florida. Online students can complete the BBA in management completely online. The 120-credit degree prepares managers and entrepreneurs to guide business operations across functional areas. Students interested in the online business management degree must complete 60 credits of lower-division courses before declaring the major.

    All BBA students complete a business core that develops competencies in financial management, marketing management, and global strategy and policy. The BBA offers two management concentrations: entrepreneurship and leadership and applied managerial skills (LAMS). Students pursuing the entrepreneurship concentration learn how to launch a new venture and successfully manage it. The LAMS concentration examines areas such as employment law, HR recruitment and selection, and global business operations.

    Admission to the BBA requires pre-business foundation courses in areas such as accounting and calculus with a minimum 2.5 GPA.

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What Are the Requirements for a Business Management Degree?

Colleges and universities usually maintain the same requirements for students applying to an on-campus or online business management program. Applicants must usually submit SAT or ACT scores, transcripts, and at least one recommendation letter. Some programs also require a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Most business management programs include an internship component to enhance enrollees’ practical learning. Students may also complete a thesis or capstone project with real-world applications.

Online Guide to Accredited Colleges and Universities

Bachelor’s in Business Management Specializations

Business management often includes concentrations or specialized track areas. Most schools offer specialization coursework only to junior or senior enrollees. However, students enrolled in an honors program or those pursuing an accelerated business management degree online can sometimes take concentration classes sooner.

Learners pursuing a business management degree without their preferred specialization can still focus their studies by enrolling in a cluster of courses in their interest area. Some colleges allow business management students to craft an individualized plan of study that supports their academic and career objectives.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can benefit from this business specialization. Common topics include budgeting and finance, employment law, negotiation techniques, pricing strategies, and market planning. Enrollees also examine relevant tax regulations and sustainable and ethical business practices.

A specialization in human resources prepares graduates to work as HR directors, recruitment specialists, and payroll and benefits administrators. Learners study regulatory compliance, labor/management relations, talent retention, and personnel training and management. An HR specialization teaches students how to align business strategies with HR management.

This specialization helps enrollees develop skills in key areas such as strategic planning, goal setting, and team building. Students learn how to develop mission and vision goals for large corporations and small groups working on a specific project or toward a common goal.

Career and Salary Outlook for Business Management

A business management degree can lead to various careers depending on graduates’ educational strengths and career interests. The two professions below particularly suit degree-holders who want to pursue a finance career. Whether students earn a business management degree online or on campus, they gain the knowledge and skills necessary to enter a diverse professional arena.

  • Compensation and Benefits Manager

    These professionals prepare budgets, establish and monitor competitive wages, and manage compensation benefits. They also make sure their company’s pay structure complies with state and federal regulations.

  • Financial Manager

    Companies rely on financial managers to prepare timely and accurate financial statements and other types of business activity reports. These professionals also analyze market developments so they can help business owners and company officers make wise fiscal decisions. They ensure a company’s financial activities comply with legal requirements.

Career Median Annual Salary Projected Growth Rate (2019-2029)
Compensation and Benefits Manager $122,270 3%
Financial Manager $129,890 15%

Source: BLS

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