Online Marketing Bachelor’s Degrees: Best Programs in 2016

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Colleges and universities across the U.S. offer a wide range of marketing programs at multiple degree levels. More and more of these institutions have added online learning options to their marketing program collections more robust and more flexible. The following page gives prospective students a detailed look at the major at the college level with an in-depth guide to online programs in the field. Learn about online marketing degree programs at all academic levels, as well as how to identify quality distance learning opportunities.

An Insider’s Guide to Online Marketing Degrees

Almost every sector of the economy calls on marketing professionals to establish and grow business. Marketers work across multiple sectors, serving corporations, service organizations, non-profits and the government. Highly trained marketing professionals assess the marketplace, analyze consumer behaviors and product trends, helping to build brands, establish pricing and assess completion. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most marketing managers hold at least a bachelor’s degree with a concentration of studies in fields such as business law, consumer behavior, economics, finance management, mass communication, mathematics, and statistical computer science. Institutions offer online marketing degree programs at the associate and bachelor’s degree levels for those entering the marketing filed, and there are online master’s and doctoral degrees for experienced marketing professionals seeking advancement to roles in management or academic research. The timeline below looks at the full gamut of online marketing degrees, starting at the two-year level and working through the PhD.

Online Marketing Degree Timeline

Every marketing education is different. Some people need only an associate degree to get their desired career off the ground. Others need an advanced degree to move into a management or supervisory position, or to move into college-level research or teaching. Let’s walk through each online degree level in turn.

Online Associate Degree in Marketing – Two Years

Institutions offering associate online marketing degrees provide a general introduction to the field and business concepts while giving students the chance to complete general education requirements in the liberal arts and sciences. Typically, graduation requirements include 60 credits, with half the curriculum devoted to core education courses. Coursework can include introductory studies in basic accounting, business principles, marketing and advertising, sales techniques, customer service and B2B marketing between organizations. Accelerated associate online marketing degrees can be completed in two years or less. In order to apply to a program, prospective students must have completed a high school diploma or equivalent. The associate is a good choice for students who want to explore marketing while completing the first two years of college with credits that can be transferred to a four-year program.

Associate degree holders may take entry-level jobs with retailers and serve in customer service, product sales or promotions departments. Marketing education at the introductory level is general in nature and traditionally does not prepare graduates for specialized roles in marketing or advertising departments or organizations.

Miami Dade College
  • Enrollment: 100,855
  • Tuition: $3,366
  • College Type: Public
  • State: Florida
  • Associate in Marketing Management - Entrepreneurship
  • Associate in Marketing Management - International Business
Southern New Hampshire University
  • Enrollment: 11,913
  • Tuition: $28,050
  • College Type: Private
  • State: New Hampshire
  • Associate of Science in Marketing
University of Wisconsin
  • Enrollment: 11,536
  • Tuition: $8,685
  • College Type: Public
  • State: Wisconsin
  • Associate of Applied Science in Management - Marketing Option
University of Northwestern Ohio
  • Enrollment: 5,602
  • Tuition: $9,710
  • College Type: Private
  • State: Ohio
  • Associate of Applied Business in Marketing

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing – Four Years

The bachelor’s online degree in marketing is a four-year program requiring 120 credit hours divided between core education studies, business courses and a concentration in marketing. The marketing curriculum is usually devoted to multidisciplinary studies in promotions, general marketing, public relations and the relationships between marketing departments and the business enterprise. Curricula can include studies in:

  • Accounting
  • Business law
  • Communications
  • Consumer behavior
  • Macroeconomics
  • Marketing analytics and research
  • Pricing
  • Product development
  • Public relations
  • Statistics

Coursework also covers the range of business sectors (manufacturing, professional services, non-profits, consumer goods, retail sales, financial services, fashion, international business and tourism). Some online marketing degree programs require students to complete a marketing plan or promotions portfolio as a senior project prior to graduation. Admission requirements for bachelor’s-level online marketing programs include a high school diploma, submission of test scores from standardized college admission exams (SAT, ACT), and a sealed copy of student transcripts from high schools and all post-secondary courses.

Bachelor’s degree holders from online marketing programs typically enter the workplace assuming entry-level roles in marketing communications, promotions, account and public relations, eCommerce sales and consumer research. Professionals seeking advancement to leadership roles or senior marketing positions typically return to college to complete an advanced degree.

Liberty University
  • Enrollment: 57,635
  • Tuition: $19,968
  • College Type: Private
  • State: Virginia
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Marketing
Florida International University
  • Enrollment: 49,029
  • Tuition: $6,417
  • College Type: Public
  • State: Florida
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing
University of Maryland
  • Enrollment: 44,009
  • Tuition: $6,384
  • College Type: Public
  • State: Maryland
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing
University of Minnesota
  • Enrollment: 43,535
  • Tuition: $13,459
  • College Type: Public
  • State: Minnesota
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Pennsylvania State University
  • Enrollment: 41,614
  • Tuition: $16,444
  • College Type: Public
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • Bachelor of Arts in Advertising/Public Relations - Strategic Communications
The University of Memphis
  • Enrollment: 20,650
  • Tuition: $7,904
  • College Type: Public
  • State: Tennessee
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Management
University of West Alabama
  • Enrollment: 2,454
  • Tuition: $7,320
  • College Type: Public
  • State: Alabama
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Online Marketing Doctorate – Eight Years +

According to the American Marketing Association, there are more than 100 institutions in the U.S. offering a doctoral degree program in marketing. Doctorate-granting online marketing programs lead to a range of degree options with end-degrees of a PhD in Marketing and a PhD in Business with a Marketing Concentration. Curricula may be comprised of four credits in general marketing studies, six credits in advanced marketing courses, and four credits of specialization classes. Coursework also includes studies in consumer behavior, quantitative modeling, organizational behavior, statistics and experimental design, brand management, social psychology, econometrics, communications research and information systems, and the teaching of marketing and business. Typically, doctoral students take qualifying examinations before undertaking dissertation research projects approved by faculty. The defense of the dissertation may include a short-term residency requirement.

The PhD offered by online marketing programs is designed for advanced professionals who wish to go into college teaching or institutional research. Most jobs are available at teaching or research universities, although some grads may find positions as consultants for businesses, associations, or governmental organizations. The application process and requirements are similar to those established for institutions offering master’s-level online marketing degrees.

The Key Strengths of an Online Marketing Degree Program

A wide range of institutions offers online marketing programs, including junior and community colleges, private and public colleges and universities and for-profit online schools. In evaluating the strength of online marketing degrees, students should examine how well the college supports its online students, whether the program is accredited, and if delivers necessary academic resources through the online interface.

Accreditation of Marketing Schools and Programs

The prospective online marketing program and school should be accredited by one or more of the following organizations:

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)
  • One of the six regional accrediting agencies in the nation endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education.

According to the AACSB, less than five percent of the 13,000 business degree programs around the globe have earned its accreditation, making it the most highly sought accreditation for online marketing degree programs. The voluntary accreditation process means that the institution holds itself up to educational and financial assessment by an independent agency. Accreditation thereby protects the value of the student’s degree by measuring it against academic standards recognized by the business professions. Moreover, institutions that do not hold accreditation may not participate in federal student loans, grants, and scholarship programs.

Support for Marketing Students

Students should also evaluate how well their prospective schools support current and graduated marketing majors. Does the college offer a job counseling and career placement office and are its functions available online? Are there regularly supported job fairs or marketing recruiters’ visits to campus? What are the graduation rates and job placement rates for students in the online marketing degree program? Does the institution continue to provide job placement assistance to its past graduates?

Online Student Resources

Two factors contribute heavily to the quality of any online marketing degree program: online delivery system and support, and the accomplishments and qualifications of its faculty. First, does the college or university deliver its online marketing programs through a 24/7 format providing flexible access for distance learning? Is there continuous online support for the technology as well as access to course materials, digital libraries, college offices and departments? The second key factor is how prepared are faculty members to deliver marketing degree programs in an online format? Do professors and instructors have experience in the marketing field and have they been prepared to teach online? Students should inspect faculty biographies with care.

Marketing Degree Search Tool

Finding the right online marketing degree or certificate program takes work. It means sifting through hundreds of programs with a wide range of specialties and academic options to find the one that matches your requirements. Need help? The search tool below can quickly filter associate, bachelor, master’s and doctoral degree programs by cost, type of program, accreditation, and other information that marketing students need.

Degree Level:
Student Population:
School Type:
see map

Best Online Marketing Degree for 2015-2016

An online degree in marketing opens wide the career possibilities, especially when the program offers a range of electives and concentrations to complement the degree. Quality programs also include a course management system that allows for collaboration and interaction of its students and instructors, simulating a real-world workplace. They should be affordable, accredited and offer a host of support services for students. We searched for programs that match these and other criteria outlined in our methodology to find prepare a list of the Best Online Marketing Programs around. Find out who made the 2015-2016 list below.

Rank School Name Score Student-Teacher Ratio Financial Aid Cost More Info
1 Brigham Young University-Idaho 99.25 24:1 71%

Marketing professionals and students who wish to enter the marketing field may be interested in the bachelor's degree in business management at Brigham Young University - Idaho. This online program, which includes an emphasis in entrepreneurial management, can lead to careers in business marketing services, marketing services management, and small business management, among others. Students must have completed 15 or more on-campus credit hours from approved institutions in order to be admitted to the program, with a GPA of 2.5 or higher in any college courses taken. The program is flexible, allowing students to take courses year-round and graduate on an accelerated schedule, or take courses part-time to accommodate work and personal obligations.

2 Liberty University 98.25 18:1 95%

All of Liberty University's bachelor's degree programs are available online, including programs in marketing and entrepreneurship. Both business administration degrees, the programs educate students on market research, consumer behavior, e-commerce, and business management. Courses at the university are taught with a Christian worldview, with biblical principles and a focus on both academic and spiritual growth. The programs are 120 total credit hours, and 30 of those hours must be taken at Liberty while the other credits can be transferred. All courses are asynchronous, allowing students to complete assignments on their own schedule each week, as long as work is turned in by the deadlines set by the instructor. Most courses are held in an eight-week format.

3 Dallas Baptist University 97.98 14:1 95%

Prospective marketing students at Dallas Baptist University have two choices for undergraduate online programs: a bachelor of business administration in marketing, and a bachelor of business studies in marketing. The school also has online programs at the graduate level, including a master of arts in professional development with a concentration in marketing and a master of business administration with a concentration in marketing. Students can choose to complete the program at a traditional or accelerated pace, depending on personal and work obligations. Online courses follow the same rigor as on-campus courses, but students are advised to focus on time management skills in order to be successful. Diplomas will not note that courses were taken online. Students in distance courses follow the same semester schedule as on-campus students, including fall and spring breaks.

4 Langston University 97.80 18:1 94%

Langston University's online management degree program includes a bachelor's in business administration with a concentration in marketing. Curriculum incorporates both business theory and real-world applications to help prepare students for management positions in a variety of fields. Students can complete the program at their own pace, with topics of study including business telecommunications, international management, research methods, and financial management. For the marketing concentration, students can study international marketing, retailing and merchandising, and purchasing management, among other topics. Applicants must have an associate of arts or associate of science degree from a two-year college in the United States in order to enter the program.

5 Minot State University 97.33 13:1 91%

Students in Minot State University's online marketing program will learn about business principles and marketing strategies, with courses including fundamentals of management, corporation finance, integrated marketing communications, and international marketing. Curriculum introduces research tools that allow them to identify opportunities and solve problems in their market, as well as the practical application of what they've learned in markets for consumers, industry, and the government. The school uses the Blackboard Learning Management System in its distance courses. The university offers advising, library services, and tutoring to its online students, as well as career services that can be utilized during schooling or after graduation.

6 Cedar Crest College 97.04 9:1 100%

Cedar Crest College's online offerings include a bachelor's degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing. Curriculum covers advertising, public relations, services marketing, and global marketing, as well as core courses in finance, management, law, accounting, and other business topics. Online courses are taught by the same full-time professors as their on-campus counterparts, with instructors who bring real-world knowledge and business experience to the classroom. Most courses follow a seven-week schedule that allows students to complete their degree in two years. Students are assigned academic advisors to guide their studies, and can access online tutoring and technical support to ensure success.

7 Tiffin University 96.53 18:1 98%

Marketing students who seek management positions may be interested in Tiffin University's online degree program in organizational management with a concentration in marketing. The program centers on real-world experience that will help students use their knowledge in the workplace. Instructors for the school's online courses bring their professional experiences into the classroom, with backgrounds in business in business and industry. Topics of study include retailing, social media marketing, brand management, and marketing management. The 121-credit program is delivered in seven-week terms, with six start dates throughout the year. Courses are asynchronous, so students can complete their work at any time during the week. Students complete 18 hours of business courses, 30 hours of marketing courses, 24 hours of electives or towards a minor, and additional general education requirements, in order to graduate.

8 Florida Atlantic University 96.05 24:1 87%

The online bachelor's program in business administration at Florida Atlantic University offers a major in marketing for students who are planning careers in advertising or marketing. In addition to the general marketing major, students can choose courses in certain topics to create their own specializations based on areas of interest or career plans. Students in the program can begin in any semester, and can expect to complete their upper division (third and fourth year) courses within two years. Although all courses required for graduation are online, not every course is offered every semester. It is recommended that students take their courses in a particular order, or step, in order to graduate on time.

9 University of the Incarnate Word 95.92 14:1 100%

The University of the Incarnate Word offers a bachelor of business administration program with a concentration in marketing that has four popular specialization areas: public relations, social media, market research, and consumer behavior. The program is fully online, allowing students to complete it while continuing to work during the day or fulfilling personal and family responsibilities. Curriculum covers many elements of marketing, including international marketing, service and retail marketing, and principles of marketing. Students also learn about management theory and practice. Courses are delivered in eight-week terms, with six terms each year. All classes are asynchronous, allowing students to complete their work at their convenience.

10 Granite State College 95.89 11:1 70%

Granite State College offers online degree programs in marketing and digital and social media for undergraduate students. The programs can be completed with a full- or part-time schedule, and can be supplemented by transfer credits from community colleges or prior schooling. Students in the marketing program will learn to develop marketing strategies, collect and review data to drive business decisions, and understand the global nature of marketing. They will be prepared for careers as marketing managers, market research analysts, and advertising sales managers. The digital and social media program focuses on expression through digital content, interactive web sales, and the use of online media for marketing. Graduates of the program may find careers in multimedia design, web development, and e-marketing.

11 Immaculata University 95.45 9:1 100%

Students in Immaculata University's online marketing management program will learn about brand management, advertising, global marketing, resource allocation, and leadership, preparing them to pursue management positions or graduate studies. The program is available fully online; students can also take some evening or daytime classes as well, if desired. Online and evening students can complete the program in two years, with three semesters each year. Instructors include experienced professionals in the industry, such as economists, business owners, CFOs, and consultants. Students also have the option of joining the school's Business Club. This group tours local companies to learn about their operations, and publishes a semi-annual newsletter.

12 McKendree University 95.36 14:1 100%

McKendree University's online marketing degree program is flexible for working adults, allowing students to take one class at a time when their schedules are busy, or two classes at a time when they want to accelerate graduation. Courses are held in an eight-week format. Students study principles of marketing, consumer behavior, and advertising promotion, preparing them to hold entry level positions in sales, market research, product planning, and more. Many students continue their schooling to earn an online MBA from the university, as well. The university offers several forms of support for its distance students. They include IT support, academic assistance, writing tutors, and research support.

13 University of Memphis 95.33 14:1 97%

The University of Memphis's bachelor's degree in marketing management is designed for students who wish to work in pricing, product development, consumer research, and similar fields. Students study consumer behavior, sales, marketing principles and research, supply chain management, and more. The program is available fully online. Local students also have the option of completing a hybrid program, with some online and some on-campus courses. Distance courses are asynchronous, so students can view materials and complete assignments on their own schedule, at any time before due dates. Instructors are experienced in many different areas of marketing and business, including management science, advertising strategy, and services marketing.

14 Franklin Pierce University 94.66 12:1 100%

Working professionals and nontraditional students can earn an undergraduate marketing degree online through Franklin Pierce University. The school's program focuses on global diversity, as well as sustainable business practices and green marketing initiatives that are popular in many businesses today. Curriculum includes both creative approaches to marketing and realistic, results-driven practices. Instructors have experience in the industry and bring their real-world experience to the classroom. While the program can be completed fully online, students also have to option of taking some on-site courses for a hybrid experience. Courses are available year-round and are designed to be flexible and accommodating for working adults.

15 California Baptist University 94.12 18:1 95%

Preparing students for a variety of career paths, the marketing degree from CBU Online teaches foundational business and marketing courses alongside classes aimed at helping them to identify trends and consumer needs as well as develop marketing strategies. This fully-online degree program takes an average of 16 months to complete and requires 48 major units to graduate.

16 Morehead State University 94.10 18:1 99%

Prospective students who wish to study marketing may be interested in Morehead State University's online programs in general business or small business management and entrepreneurship. Both programs outline the principles of business management and include information on marketing, finance, and information technology. The programs, which lead to a bachelor of business administration degree, are “online complete programs.” They are intended for students who have already completed general education coursework as well as required business foundation courses. Many of the programs' participants are working towards their undergraduate degree after earning an associate's degree from a local community college.

17 Limestone College 94.04 19:1 100%

Whether hoping to complete their education and enter the work force immediately or go on to earn an advanced degree, students of Limestone College's marketing program should graduate with the knowledge necessary to pursue careers in marketing, public relations, or sales and advertising. Classes are small, giving students more attention from professors, and center on topics such as environmental factors on the marketing landscape, subject fundamentals and managerial tools used within the marketing process.

18 Mount Vernon Nazarene University 93.86 17:1 100%

Mount Vernon Nazarene University's online programs include a bachelor of business administration with a major in marketing. The program prepares students in many areas of marketing, including advertising and promotions, marketing planning, personal selling, and sales strategy. Students also learn management theories and techniques. The major consists of 33 credit hours of business courses and 15 credit hours in marketing. The degree culminates in a business research project that can be completed in the student's area of interest. All courses can be taken online, but the school also offers on-campus courses for students who prefer a hybrid program. These courses meet in the evening for four hours once per week, making them convenient for working adults.

19 Regis University 93.69 8:1 98%

Business students at Regis University can choose a specialization in marketing to focus their studies for careers in sales, public relations, marketing, and advertising. Curriculum introduces the different factors that affect the marketing environment, including economic, political, regulatory, and cultural influences. Students can also pursue a double specialization with certain course choices, combining their marketing interests with studies in finance, management, project management, human resource management, or public administration. Courses are held in five- or eight-week terms, and follow a syllabus with weekly assignments. Although they are not self-paced, students have the flexibility to choose when during the week to access courses and complete their work.

20 Wilmington University 93.61 14:1 87%

Online students at Wilmington University can earn a bachelor's degree in communications with a focus in integrated marketing communication. Students study communication theory, project management, and visual communications, as well as key marketing concepts such as consumer behavior, social media marketing, and public relations. Curriculum includes development of a professional portfolio that students can use in their job search after graduation. The university allows students to transfer up to 75 credits from prior schooling, and strives to accommodate the needs of military students with an increased transfer allowance of up to 90 credits. Courses are held in seven- or fifteen-week formats, with three start dates throughout the year. Courses do not meet at a specific day or time, but they are not self-paced; students must complete coursework by due dates set throughout the semester.

21 Saint Leo University 93.45 15:1 94%

The online business administration program at Saint Leo University includes a marketing specialization tailored for students who would like to work in marketing management, advertising, sales, small business operations, or retail services. Topics of study in the program include international business, entrepreneurship, advertising, and personal selling. Students will also learn about general business principles such as law, economics, and accounting. Distance courses at the university are completely online, with transparent grading policies and open communication between peers and professors. The schools' eLion portal provides access to schedules, grades, and financial aid and payment information. Students can also complete self-paced tutorials that introduce online learning and the services offered by the school.

22 University of Missouri-St Louis 93.45 16:1 95%

There are several online degree options at the University of Missouri-St. Louis for students interested in marketing: bachelor's degree programs in liberal studies, business administration with an emphasis in marketing, and communication. Each program can be tailored with coursework and projects to specialize in marketing and the student's area of interest. The bachelor of liberal studies program is ideal for students who have completed some schooling, and would like to earn their degree. This program allows students to transfer credits and earn their bachelor's in a general subject area, while choosing coursework that fits their career plans. Available areas of concentration for aspiring marketing professionals include advertising, business administration, and communication.

23 DeSales University 93.38 15:1 99%

DeSales University's online marketing program consists of 40 courses: 15 required core courses in subjects such as composition, mathematics, and philosophy; 16 required marketing courses including accounting, consumer behavior, and marketing planning and strategy; and electives that can be selected from any academic area. The university allows students to transfer up to 25 courses, and also grants credits for prior learning and experience. This can include military training, CLEP or AP exams, and portfolio assessments. Courses may be held “live,” with virtual communication and interaction on a set schedule. Or, they may be asynchronous, with no set meeting time or date. Some courses may be a blend of both formats.

24 Kennesaw State University 93.30 21:1 90%

Kennesaw State University offers an online bachelor's program in business administration with a focus in marketing. Graduates of the program are prepared to work in marketing research, industrial selling, store management, advertising, and more. Students are given a solid background in marketing theory, as well as real-world knowledge and practical applications that can be used in the workplace. The program includes many electives in popular subject areas, such as social media marketing, entertainment marketing, sports marketing, and hospitality and tourism marketing. Most courses are held in 16-week sessions, and the university suggests students spend about six to nine hours per week on each course. During the summer, courses are only eight weeks, and as such students should expect to spend more time on their courses each week.

25 Northern State University 93.25 19:1 97%

Distance students can earn a bachelor's degree in marketing at Northern State University. The program includes business courses such as accounting and finance, as well as marketing classes such as international marketing and consumer behavior. Students can choose three electives from subject areas including retail management, direct marketing, and not-for-profit marketing. Graduates of the program can pursue careers in advertising, sales, marketing management, and marketing research. Many continue their schooling with graduate studies in the field. The school hosts online courses through the Desire2Learn management system. Class sizes are kept small to ensure frequent communication with instructors and peers, and course material can be accessed at any time.

26 University of Alabama at Birmingham 93.07 18:1 90%

Distance students can earn their bachelor's degree in marketing from the University at Alabama's Collat School of Business. The program can be complete fully online, and allows students to customize their studies to fit their career goals. Possible areas of study include international marketing, e-commerce, industrial distribution management, and sales management, among others. The same instructors teach online and on-campus courses at the university, and interaction between students and professors is supported and encouraged. Classes include many opportunities for collaboration with peers and networking in the industry. Additionally, students have access to a 24/7 help desk for technical issues and electronic library resources.

27 University of West Alabama 93.04 16:1 95%

Distance students at the University of West Alabama can earn an online bachelor of business administration with a major in marketing. The program consists of 40 hours of business courses, 15 hours of marketing courses, and 15 hours of electives. Courses are delivered in eight-week terms, with five terms over the course of the year. A full-time course load is considered two classes per term. However, students can complete the program on a part-time schedule if they wish, with one course per term. Graduates will receive the same transcript as on-campus students. The paperwork will indicate that students completed a degree at UWA, with no mention of online coursework.

28 New England College 92.68 14:1 95%

New England College's degree in business administration has a marketing concentration that can be earned fully online. The program introduces research methods, market testing practices, and how to meet consumer demand. Graduates will be prepared to work in advertising, marketing, management, or sales. The college works with University Alliance to deliver online courses. New England College is responsible for all academic issues, such as curriculum, faculty, and academic advising. The University Alliance handles the delivery of the courses, including assistance with enrollment and technology support, and distribution of reading and classroom materials. Most students take one or two courses each session, and a full course load allows students to graduate in 28 months.

29 Hodges University 92.54 14:1 99%

Hodges University's program in marketing and branding is offered in an online, accelerated format. Courses follow a 7.5 week schedule with an asynchronous design. This allows students to complete work whenever they have time during the week, without a set schedule. The program uses the Blackboard Learning Management system to host courses and support communication between professors and students. Instructors are accessible in many different ways: in-person office hours, Blackboard virtual office, phone, and email. Curriculum covers market research, e-commerce, public relations, social media marketing, supply chain management, and more. Graduates will be prepared to enter careers in marketing, quality management, brand management, and specialties such as internet marketing or green marketing.

30 University of Louisiana at Monroe 92.50 23:1 96%

Students seeking careers in advertising, marketing, purchasing, and retailing can earn a bachelor of business administration in marketing from the University of Louisiana at Monroe through online coursework, with no on-campus presence required. Required courses in the program include fundamentals of marketing, organizational behavior, strategic management, and international business. Students must complete 120 credits total, with 30 credits of major requirements, in order to graduate. Working professionals and non-traditional students may qualify for credits based on educational and professional experiences. Through Prior Learning Assessments, the university may grant credit based on standardized exams, challenge or skills exams, or portfolio assessments.

31 Savannah College of Art and Design 92.37 18:1 98%

Students interested in the visual elements of marketing may consider an online bachelor's degree in visual communication with a concentration in advertising from the Savannah College of Art and Design. The program introduces many aspects of advertising, including copywriting, integrated brand marketing, and art direction. Curriculum stresses collaboration amongst students, encouraging them to work together to develop innovate group projects. Courses in the program include web advertising, copywriting for digital and print media, collaboration, and graphic design media management, with a total of 180 credits needed in order to graduate. For those who wish to further their studies, the school also offers an online master's degree in advertising.

32 Upper Iowa University 92.29 17:1 85%

The undergraduate marketing program at Upper Iowa University can be completed fully online for students who hold daytime jobs or who prefer independent learning to a classroom setting. Students with prior schooling can transfer up to 90 credits hours to help accelerate their degree. The school also has articulation agreements with several local community colleges, assisting in a seamless transfer of credits. Courses are offered in six terms throughout the year. The marketing program focuses on technical marketing skills and analytical thinking, preparing students to work in profit and non-profit organizations. Students will gain a core understanding of business and detailed knowledge in the elements of marketing.

33 Coastal Carolina University 91.75 17:1 91%

The marketing department at Coastal Carolina University offers a bachelor's degree in marketing that can be earned through online coursework. The program includes coursework in marketing research, business finance, business communications, and market analysis. Courses use the Moodle online learning management system. Instructors may include digital texts, presentations photos, and videos to deliver their lessons. Students can also expect frequent interaction with instructors and peers through discussion forums, email, and real-time web conferencing. All students at the university, whether online or on-campus, are assigned an academic advisor to assist in course selection and ensure an on-time graduation.

34 Appalachian State University 91.57 16:1 67%

Aspiring communications professionals or those in the industry who wish to boost their career can earn a bachelor of science in communication – advertising from Appalachian State University. The online degree includes coursework in copywriting, layout and design, consumer behavior, and media planning and sales. Students will also learn general communication skills, such as public speaking and persuasion. All participants in the program choose a minor from three options: general business, health promotion, or sociology. The program is small, with 20-25 participants. Most students have completed a two-year degree or equivalent coursework that can be transferred towards their bachelor's degree. Students then take 54 credits over two years at the university to complete the program.

35 Florida International University 91.43 27:1 91%

Florida International University's online bachelor of business administration with a concentration in marketing prepares students with knowledge about marketing principles, sales, consumer behavior, and more. Participants will learn how to market products effectively, utilize social media and e-marketing, and deliver impactful presentations. The fully-online program is 120 credits, with start dates in the fall, spring, and summer. Each student is assigned a “success coach” by the university to assist in course choice and completion, and provide advising as needed throughout the program. Students with an eligible GPA can also join the honors program, giving them priority registration, study abroad opportunities, leadership training, and more.

36 Mercy College 91.11 18:1 95%

Mercy College's bachelor's program in business administration with a concentration in marketing allows students to earn their degree through online classes while building a professional network and gaining real-world experience. Students can complete the program fully online, or take online and evening courses as their schedule permits. Full-time students can complete their degree in four years with no prior credit transfers needed. However, the university does allow up to 75 credits to transfer from a two-year college, or 90 credits from a four-year college, accelerating graduation. Only two courses of upper-level business credits can be transferred. Topics of study include international business, marketing management, and marketing research.

37 University of Houston 90.74 22:1 87%

The University of Houston's retailing and consumer science bachelor's program is a unique alternative to a traditional marketing degree. The online program educates students on merchandising processes and consumer habits, and how to use information on these topics to improve practices in the areas of retail, sales and customer service, merchandising, and more. Students can choose from several specializations within the program: retailing and consumer science, e-tailing, training and development, technology entrepreneurship, and professional studies. Those who have already earned an associate's degree can choose the professional studies track to use previously earned credits towards their degree.

38 Lamar University 90.67 21:1 81%

Marketing professionals and students interested in a career in marketing have several options for online programs at Lamar University, including undergraduate programs in management, entrepreneurship, and communication. Courses in these programs follow an eight-week format, and are designed to be flexible and accelerated for working adults. Online courses at the university are hosted through the Blackboard Learning Management system. Students use Blackboard to access course materials, communicate with peers and instructors, and upload assignments. Many support services are available for distance students, including military services for veterans and active duty service members; disability support services; a career center; and online library and bookstore access.

39 Indiana State University 90.66 20:1 92%

Indiana State University's online marketing program is a bachelor degree-completion program for students who have some undergraduate schooling and would like to earn a degree. Curriculum includes digital marketing, business to business sales, marketing research, and non-profit and services marketing. Online minors are also available. Common career tracks for graduates of the program include business marketing, adverting, retail management, brand management, and nonprofit marketing. On-campus visits are not required for any of the marketing major courses; however, they may be required for some foundational studies requirements if they have not been met by previous schooling. The school will accept up to 90 transfer credit hours of eligible coursework.

40 Indiana Wesleyan University 90.60 15:1 80%

The bachelor's degree in marketing at Indiana Wesleyan University is an adult education program for marketing and sales professionals and working adults looking to make a career move to the field. The program can be completed fully online, or in a hybrid of online and on-campus courses at locations in Indiana and Kentucky. Topics of study include marketing of products and services, advertising, communications, marketing research, and sales. Students in the program have typically earned their associate's degree. However, those who do not have an associate's but have 36-59 credits of undergraduate work can also enroll through the university's Bridge program.