Campus & Online Baptist Colleges with High Starting Salaries

Online education at the college level has grown significantly over the past ten years. In addition to established for-profits, institutions of all types now offer distance learning courses and programs and multiple academic levels. Students entering college for the first time have thousands of options from which to choose. But what about students committed to a Baptist-centered higher education. Do they have the same online learning options as non-Baptist students? The following page explores Baptist-focused higher education and how it meshes with the ever-evolving distance-learning landscape.

More than 1,000 faith-based colleges and universities dot the nation, including an estimated 50 with a direct connection to the Baptist church. Some schools present a rigorous Christ-centered education with campus-based ministries, while others are historically faith-based colleges that focus on secular higher education. Baptist colleges boast either regional or national accreditation, with specific accreditations for programs such as law, engineering and nursing.

In a Christ-centered education, ministry and missions are embroidered into every strand of college life. Schools may follow a creationist approach to the teaching of science and most require a study of the Bible as part of the curriculum. Student service ministry or community outreach often complement classwork, and students can opt for study abroad or overseas mission opportunities. The school may also have college-sponsored chapel services or evening worship requirements. A Baptist college, one school claims, should offer an education that is “biblical, transformational, experiential, and mission-focused”.

For students planning to enter the ministry, many Baptist colleges offer tracks that meet general undergraduate education requirements along with core classes in ministry and leadership. Bachelor’s degree programs provide a solid foundation for students who want to become pastors, youth leaders and church educators. The Master’s of Divinity degree or doctoral degrees are terminal credentials of choice for those entering the ministry.

The Master’s of Divinity takes two years to complete. Some 72-106 credit hours make up the most-common professional degree offered by Christian schools. Coursework includes studies in the Bible (Hebrew and New Testament), theology, church history, philosophy, evangelism, Christian education, canon law and related languages (Latin, Greek). Some schools offer specific degree tracks in fields such as mission leadership, youth program ministry and education and pastoral ministry.

Like non-denominational institutions, many Baptist colleges have developed the support services, curricula and technological infrastructure to accommodate distance learning. Dallas Baptist University, for example, has dozens of online courses, certificate programs and degree programs available for its undergraduate students. Those enrolled participate in synchronous (real-time) learning that includes group projects, weekly chat sessions and timed exams. The college’s online services also include 24-7 help, computer/tech support and a Blackboard system.

This real-time mode gives students a great balance of independence and collaboration. Working students can focus on work and family while working toward a degree. Of course, some Baptist colleges offer students asynchronous (self-paced) degree programs and courses for maximum flexibility. This distance-learning option allows students to read, submit coursework and take exams when and where they’d like. Some asynchronous programs may have weeklong timelines to keep students on track, but others offer the full self-paced experience.

Of course, a quality Baptist education remains high on the list for potential students who share that faith. But for those who need to be mindful of money and other responsibilities, more factors come into play. For example, the rising cost of college makes tuition, fees and other expenses important to consider. Baptist colleges can run a little more than public colleges and universities, although the extra cost often goes to supporting the school’s ministry. Regardless, finding a Baptist college that fits your budget makes sense.

In addition, more and more students today view distance learning as a necessity and not a perk. College students -- even those who commit to the same faith – often need to manage family and a career. Therefore, a healthy collection of online course options and support services can be just as attractive (or even more so) as any other decision-making factor. The best of all worlds is when academic faith, flexibility and affordability come together. The following list of Baptist represents the very best across the board.

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For many students, a college experience rooted in the Baptist faith is of paramount importance. If you desire a scripture-based university with strong Baptist values, we have a list of the most affordable Baptist colleges with the highest starting salaries. Many of these universities tout small class sizes where students can receive the one-on-one attention they desire. They offer many of the same academic programs of traditional colleges with one big difference: Christian values are prevalent throughout the campus. Specialized degrees such as Christian studies, Biblical studies, student ministry, Judaic studies, youth ministries and more are also available at these universities.

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Linfield College-McMinnville Campus
Starting Salary: $45,800 Net Price: $22,482 Enrollment: 1,773 Website:

Linfield College – McMinnville is a leader in adult learning with an online program that hosts in-person academic advising at eight locations throughout Oregon. The accredited program offers degrees in accounting, business information systems, international business, management, marketing and RN to BSN. Students also have the option to take some classes on campus, if desired. There are a number of certificate programs available to distance learners as well.

Wayland Baptist University
Starting Salary: $41,200 Net Price: $9,898 Enrollment: 10,677 Website:

Students who attend Baptist University’s virtual campus have their choice of two distinct online learning experiences: a pre-set online degree program or individual online classes which fulfill the requirements of an on-site degree. Either way, virtual students enjoy the same high-caliber class structure and individual guidance and support. Designated online degree programs include bachelor’s degrees in applied science, Christian ministry and nursing, and master’s degrees in history, English, business administration and more.

Mississippi College
Starting Salary: $39,000 Net Price: $14,022 Enrollment: 5,789 Website:

Online students at Mississippi College can earn degrees in nursing, business administration, communication, paralegal studies, homeland security, loss prevention, teaching and more. They have the comfort of knowing that in the past Forbes and U.S. News & World Report have ranked MC in their lists of the nation’s most affordable colleges. Students access class material through MCMoodle and are able to accelerate their program so they may graduate faster. MC holds both state and regional accreditation, as well as membership in various disciplinary bodies.

Campbell University
Starting Salary: $38,600 Net Price: $18,162 Enrollment: 7,384 Website:

Campbell University Online offers accelerated online classes and programs for non-traditional students. The fully-accredited university is also military-friendly with dedicated VA specialists available to help veterans and active members of the military earn degrees. The asynchronous associate, bachelor’s and master’s programs are available in a variety of disciplines, including education, technology security, business, criminal justice, psychology and education.

Union University
Starting Salary: $38,600 Net Price: $23,727 Enrollment: 5,195 Website:

Union University developed its online program to give students a Christian university option, even if one isn’t available in their geographic area. The school’s programs in business, education, ministry and nursing are fully accredited and staffed by professional instructors. The programs are affordable and are available fully online or with a blended online and on-campus option.

Judson University
Starting Salary: $37,500 Net Price: $20,326 Enrollment: 1,535 Website:

Judson University offers fully accredited online degrees in business administration, ministry, organizational leadership, human resource management, communications and more. Adult professionals can take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of virtual learning as they earn a certificate, bachelor’s or master’s degree. Accelerated programs are available and traditional students also have the ability to take online classes to meet graduation requirements.

Dallas Baptist University
Starting Salary: $37,200 Net Price: $17,879 Enrollment: 6,931 Website:

At Dallas Baptist University, students can choose from 58 fully online programs with no required on-campus visits. From traditional undergraduate and graduate programs to certificates and dual degree curricula, students access course materials online through Blackboard at a time that’s convenient for them. DBU is fully accredited, so students may take advantage of federal financial aid or participate in the university’s installment plan option.

Charleston Southern University
Starting Salary: $35,800 Net Price: $15,362 Enrollment: 4,688 Website:

Charleston Southern University is a fully-accredited institution, so students are able to seek federal financial assistance. The school offers online bachelor’s degrees in organizational management, technology and RN to BSN, and master’s programs in organizational leadership, organizational management, business administration, nursing and criminal justice. The convenience of virtual learning benefits adult professionals and military personnel as they work toward their degrees.

Eastern University
Starting Salary: $35,200 Net Price: $22,722 Enrollment: 5,319 Website:

Accredited through the Middle States Commission of Higher Education, Eastern University offers both online and blended online programs. All degree programs live up to the same high-quality standards and academic rigor as traditional classes at EU. The university offers a number of associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in liberal arts, marriage and family, nursing, education, leadership, management and urban studies.

Liberty University
Starting Salary: $34,300 Net Price: $21,198 Enrollment: 77,778 Website:

With more than 160 distance learning degrees, Liberty University is the nation’s largest private, nonprofit online university. This fully-accredited institution offers programs from the certificate to doctoral level at some of the lowest rates among online universities. Liberty is military-friendly and has a variety of scholarships, grants and loans for military personnel and their families. Online students receive all the same resources and assistance traditional students receive.

East Texas Baptist University
Starting Salary: $34,200 Net Price: $15,689 Enrollment: 1,273 Website:

A small Christian school in Marshall Texas, East Texas Baptist University is home to 1200 students. The vast majority live on campus while pursuing one of the 40 available programs of study. In addition to rigorous academic standards and top-tier faculty, the school has a vibrant and active student body focused on faith and leadership.

Carson-Newman College
Starting Salary: $33,800 Net Price: $14,191 Enrollment: 2,303 Website:

At Carson-Newman College, online students get all the same benefits as traditional, on-campus students with the school’s C-N Online system. Students communicate with instructors and peers through email and online chat. CN offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate classes in business, education, counseling and more. The fully-accredited college also offers counseling and disability services for its online students.

Mount Olive College
Starting Salary: $33,600 Net Price: $18,245 Enrollment: 5,101 Website:

University of Mount Olive’s 100 percent virtual campus was designed to accommodate the unique needs of each student. With degree programs in criminal justice, RN to BSN and master of business administration, students can enhance their careers by earning a degree at their convenience. Class sizes are limited, so students receive individual attention from instructors, despite the online nature of the programs. Mount Olive is fully accredited, so students are able to apply for federal financial aid if they choose.

University of the Cumberlands
Starting Salary: $32,300 Net Price: $15,495 Enrollment: 4,209 Website:

Online students at University of the Cumberlands are able to complete one of 11 master’s and doctoral degrees in hybrid, synchronous and asynchronous formats. Faculty members are specially trained in online teaching and learning, allowing virtual programs to mirror the quality of on-campus programs. The accredited university strives to help students access a postsecondary education in an online format, allowing them to achieve their academic and career goals.

Southwest Baptist University
Starting Salary: $32,000 Net Price: $15,588 Enrollment: 4,499 Website:

Southwest Baptist University offers a number of accelerated classes online. Students are part of a true learning community, collaborating, participating in discussion forums and interacting regularly with instructors. Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools as well as several programmatic accrediting agencies, the quality of classes is not compromised in the online environment.

Gardner-Webb University
Starting Salary: $31,900 Net Price: $18,865 Enrollment: 5,552 Website:

Students at Gardner-Webb University can take advantage of the school’s 100 percent online undergraduate degree completion program in accounting, business administration, computer information systems, criminal justice and more. Graduate students can further their education in the Gardner-Webb’s award-winning master’s program. Students use the Blackboard system to communicate with peers and professors, as well as view lectures and reading assignments and submit their work. Because the university is fully accredited, students may use federal aid to help finance their degree.