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College costs are rising in geometric
proportions, outpacing the rate of inflation nearly five times over. The percentage of household income needed to pay for college today is as high as 29.3% in some states, a rate that hovered at around 7% in 1980. Yet, a college education remains a key requirement for career advancement and higher earning potential. Full-time workers with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of 84% more over their lifetime than those with only a high school diploma.

What’s a parent to do? We want our children to go to college, yes, but we don’t want to go broke sending them, nor do we want our kids to be burdened with debt when they graduate.

College Cost Trends

Rise of Inflation vs. College Costs since 1986

115  %

Inflation Cost Increase

498  %

College Costs Increase

Average yearly cost of 4-year college
(Tuition, Room & Board)


In 2000


In 2020



Percent age of Household Income Needed to Pay for College has Increased by 22.3  % since 1980

7  %

in 1980

29.3  %

in 2013

22.3  %


Student Debt Has Increased by 511% Since 1990


Average Student Debt 2000


Average Student Debt Today



How Is Affordable Colleges Online Helping ?

AffordableCollegesOnline takes a four-pronged approach to managing college costs.
We aim to educate so that potential students are aware of their options for obtaining a degree and, most importantly, for paying for one. What are the most affordable options – online study, two-year, four-year, public or private colleges? What financial aid options are available and what pitfalls should you avoid? At AffordableCollegesOnline we keep our finger on the pulse of college-related issues, the latest research, how the government is responding, and help you analyze your options.

Our Team

Daniel Schuessler

As the resident financial expert, Dan has a passion for analyzing trends and statistics with the objective of influencing university technology roadmaps and spending habits. Dan was a finance graduate of one of our favorite high ROI affordable colleges – Cal Poly, SLO. When Dan is not eating out at a hot new San Francisco restaurant or spending time with his two year old daughter, you can probably find him out on a long trail run or training for his next triathlon.

Peggy Baressi

A mother of two girls, a college sophomore and a high school junior, Peggy has already experienced the painful financial bite of college costs. She is eager to find ways to make college more affordable and minimize any debt her children incur. As a former college marketing administrator, she offers an insider’s perspective on the inner workings of higher education.

Doug Jones

Doug has been in high tech for his entire 13-year career, working in various Silicon Valley companies from large semi conductor firms to small internet start-ups. With a wife and son, Doug keeps busy with family when he is not working. Since Doug attended Carnegie Mellon University, tuition costs have doubled, and he’s become acutely aware of the social challenge that rising college fees pose on students and families across the country. Doug is hoping AC Online will help provide options for those looking for a strong education at an affordable price.

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