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Earning a certificate in marketing can increase your career opportunities. Here, we list the most affordable online graduate certificates in marketing programs for 2021.


Updated October 20, 2023

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Advance Your Career with a Graduate Certificate

Marketing professionals advance their career in numerous ways. Some earn a promotion by attaining professional experience, while others return to school to earn a master's degree. A third option includes a graduate certificate in marketing.

Prospective students comparing marketing master's degrees and marketing graduate certificates consider the two options' similarities and differences. Although both offer similar coursework, certificates require fewer courses and take less time to complete. Also, typical graduate certificates provide greater academic flexibility, allowing learners to create a custom curriculum aligning with their interests and career goals. However, employers may offer management-level positions solely to candidates with a master's.

A marketing certificate confers many of the same benefits as a master's degree. A certificate signifies that workers possess not only advanced skills and knowledge but also a dedication to their profession. Some graduates may qualify for a raise, depending on their employer. Also, professionals with a certificate receive transfer credit if they enroll in a master's in marketing program.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Graduate Certificate in Marketing

Q. What can I do with a certificate in marketing?

A marketing graduate certificate prepares professionals to apply the latest marketing skills and knowledge in their current career. Some graduates use the certificate to attain a raise or promotion.

Q. How do I get a certificate in marketing?

Many reputable universities offer the certificate entirely online. Completing a certificate takes less time than a master's degree in marketing, as certificates require fewer courses.

Q. Is a certificate in marketing worth it?

The answer depends on prospective students' professional and personal goals. Individuals should research marketing trends and consult with their work supervisor to learn more about how a certificate may benefit them.

Q. Should I get a certificate in marketing or a master's degree?

Students decide after considering their education needs. Fortunately, most master's in marketing programs award transfer credit to new students who already possess a graduate certificate in the same subject.

Why Get a Certificate in Marketing?

A graduate certificate in marketing confers numerous professional and personal benefits. Students achieve them by excelling in class and using their school's academic and career resources.

  1. 1

    Graduate Sooner

    As marketing certificates require fewer courses than master's programs, certificate-seekers graduate sooner. This advantage allows them to use their education in the workplace before their degree-seeking peers.
  2. 2

    Learn New Skills

    Graduate-level coursework helps students hone in-demand research, writing, and oral communication skills. These skills apply to nearly all management-level positions, giving graduates an advantage if they decide to leave the marketing field.
  3. 3

    Make More Money

    A graduate certificate in marketing may qualify graduates for an automatic pay raise. Also, professionals may use the certificate to apply to a higher-paying job at another company.
  4. 4

    Earn a Promotion

    Earning a marketing certificate may qualify professionals for a promotion, as employers respect workers who dedicate themselves to professional development and lifelong learning.
  5. 5

    Receive Transfer Credit

    Professionals who realize they need additional education after earning a graduate certificate in marketing apply to master's programs that accept certificates as transfer credit.

Courses in Marketing

Online graduate certificates in marketing feature core courses that may include marketing management, marketing research, and marketing strategy. Students supplement core courses with electives aligning with their professional goals. These courses feature the same rigor as courses in master's in marketing programs. However, certificate-seekers do not write a thesis or complete a final project.

The following sample curriculum introduces typical core courses and electives. Prospective students should remember that not all universities require these courses. Please contact a university's academic or admissions advisor to learn the most up-to-date information regarding course and graduation requirements.

This foundational course emphasizes how marketing decisions influence a company or organization's short- and long-term success. Students analyze marketing principles, consumer behavior, and marketing plans. The course also introduces certificate-seekers to market research and internet marketing. Learners show mastery of these and other topics by creating a marketing plan. Marketing research involves multiple steps that include identifying objectives, selecting a methodology, developing questions, and interpreting data. Marketing managers use the results to make recommendations to top executives. Students in a marketing research course develop a simulated market research plan incorporating different qualitative, observational, and survey methods. Companies and organizations implement new marketing strategies to respond to changing market conditions. As a result, professionals must stay up to date with marketing best practices. Marketing strategy courses emphasize these techniques through coursework featuring product life cycles, competitive advantage, and brand communication. Students also leave the course with honed oral presentation skills. Making successful marketing decisions relies on understanding how, why, and when people purchase goods and services. Learners in a consumer behavior course analyze consumer behavior from psychological and sociological viewpoints. Students also consider how different goods and services meet consumers' specific desires and needs. Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in helping marketing professionals attract viewers to their company or organization's website. Search engine marketing and optimization courses convey SEO best practices, such as those relating to Google AdWords and similar software suites. Students learn to implement different SEO strategies and interpret the results.

Career and Salary Outlook for Marketing

Professionals with a marketing graduate certificate apply their education and experience toward earning a promotion or researching new career opportunities. Careers like those below feature a salary much higher than the national median and robust projected job growth from 2019-2029.

Certificate-seekers prepare for these or other careers by earning excellent grades and speaking with a career counselor. Top universities also offer online learners virtual resources that include interest inventories, career data, and job boards.

Career Salary Potential
Career Median Annual Salary Projected Growth Rate (2019-2029)
Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers $135,900 6%
Market Research Analysts $63,790 18%
Sales Managers $126,640 4%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Most Affordable Online Graduate Certificates in Marketing

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