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Updated April 12, 2023

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Advancing Knowledge with Business-Specific Apps, Tech & News

Motivated college students take the time to educate themselves about their majors and prospective careers, including networking with the right people and finding helpful resources that they can use in preparation for the future. Finding up-to-date, accurate and pertinent information as you prepare for college, internships and your eventual career can be a challenge. Below, find groups in which to begin network building, educational assistance tools, and apps and tech to help you along the way to a career in business.

Education & Skill Development

Whether you're still working on your business management degree or already graduated, you need to stay on top of your game – and continue learning. Taking online courses and investing time in reading the newest business literature is just one way to continue learning, on your own time. 


Diploma in Business and Legal Studies

Business professionals need to have background knowledge in legal systems, business law, accounting and human resources. This is a nice refresher for business program graduates.

Leadership Skills in Business

Whether you're an entrepreneur or new to the business world, this course teaches organizational structure, building a team, management and behaviors of business professionals. 


Basic Training for Microentrepreneurs

The Aspen Institute's own slide presentation on how to start your own business. If you're interested in how to employ yourself and start a small business, this is a great asset. 


 “Business Majors: The Basics”

Understanding a business major if you're a high school or college student can be overwhelming. This resource outlines each type of potential business major degree and tells you how long it will take to achieve your goal. 


Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization

Students identify and analyze key metrics in a series of relevant courses. They learn how to translate these insights into recommendations for key decision-makers.

Building Your Leadership Skills

Develop yourself as a leader, from assessing your skills and strengths to developing self-knowledge and self-awareness of how you lead. 


Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour

This course from the University of London addresses the common thought that brands are a company's visual identity, rather than a full business strategy.

Business Growth Strategy

Part of a larger sequence about business strategy, this course walks students through creating a strategic plan for a current or future business. 


Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society

We live in a global culture and business leaders need to know more about global trends to make better business decisions.

Statistics for Business

If you're thinking about pursuing a master's degree, statistics is likely on the course list. This online class could act as a refresher or a preview to help you be more successful. 


"Is a Degree in Business Right for You?"

For those interested in the global aspects of business, this is very helpful in outlining the benefits of some form of education in business. If you're on the fence, this might help you decide. 


Three Core Financial Statements

This is a series of videos and visuals that illustrate the three core financial statements used in a business. Emphasis is on interpreting the statements and fair value accounting. 


Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager

When starting your own business, you'll need to know the legal ramifications that corporations face today. This course helps to build a baseline of knowledge in business law. 


"Building a Business"

This eight-lecture course on Open Culture from the University of Oxford teaches students how to future-proof a new start-up, build it from the ground up, project financials and much more. It's a good starting point for someone who wants to go the entrepreneur route. 


Entrepreneurship—From Idea to Launch

Students learn what entrepreneurship is and how to construct a business plan that will breed success. The course also covers what types of financing make sense for particular businesses.

SQL for Newbs: Beginner Data Analysis

Business leaders need to know how to analyze data, analyze customer behavior and track marketing efforts. This course teaches you just that but using a real-world scenario for better understanding. 


Ultimate Basic Business Skills

This book is something that potential employees use to prepare themselves for a business position. Surprisingly, this is also used by corporations and businesses who want to train employees. This is a great resource if you'd like a basic introduction to business without getting the degree. 


“15 Practical Business Skills You Can Apply in Any Career”

This article explains what you'll learn from an education in business, and how to apply that no matter where you're employed. 


The Basics of Business Education – What Business Students Should Study

This hour-long video discusses common problems and mistakes in business programs and what college students should actually study.

What is the Best Business Education? Run a Marathon

In this TEDx Talk, Andrew Johnston talks about how distance running can teach future leaders about the fundamentals to business. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Featured Online Programs

Find a program that meets your affordability, flexibility, and education needs through an accredited, online school.

Academics & Research

A thesis may or may not be a requirement of a MBA or other business-related master's program. A dissertation, however, will likely be required of anyone pursuing a business doctoral degree. In virtually all cases, graduate business students will encounter the need to conduct research of some form, and to some degree, as part of their academic endeavors. Fortunately, there are plenty of online research resources available, including those listed below.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System – Economic Research and Data

Website devoted to research studies carried out by economists at the Federal Reserve Board. Dozens of reports are offered and can be accessed by field of interest or resource type.

The Brookings Institute – Research

Portal to the Brookings Institute's vast library of business research and data. Topics include foreign policy, economics, development, governance and metropolitan policy.

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)

A branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The BEA's website provides an enormous repository of economic data regarding all aspects of the nation's economy.

Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook

This CIA website provides comprehensive information on the history, government, people, military, economics and more for over 250 world entities.

Council of Economic Advisors

An agency within the Executive Office of the President, the Council of Economic Advisors counsels the President on domestic and international economic policy. Visitors to this site can choose from among dozens of reports and issue briefs to read and download.

How To Write an MBA Research Paper

Brief but helpful guide to writing a research paper on business. Published by the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University.

Internal Revenue Service Tax Statistics

Comprehensive website from the IRS with tables, articles and data describing and measuring elements of the U.S. tax system.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Possibly the most visited government website for information and data on U.S. jobs. The BLS is the principal Federal agency responsible for measuring labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy.

U.S. Census Bureau – Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB)

The SUSB provides detailed annual data for U.S. businesses by geography, industry and enterprise size. SUSB covers most of the country's economic activity with the exception of non-employer businesses, private households, railroads, agricultural production, and most government entities.

U.S. Small Business Administration – Business Data & Statistics

Clearinghouse site for SBA data concerning a number of business-related topics including consumers, demographics, economic indicators, employment, trade, and many others.


Whether you're looking for your first full-time job, an internship or are making a move in your career, find out more about job searching before you start your hunt. There are many career-specific resources available to jobseekers today, from online job boards to resume builders. 


International Internships for Students

Work in Beijing, Singapore, London or one of many other exotic locations as you gain valuable work experience in a variety of businesses—in accounting, human resources, business development, marketing and other fields. 


How to be a Killer Intern (and Land a Job)

Many students go into internships hoping that it leads to a full-time job. This article offers tips to make that happen!


How to Land a Great Internship

It's not just about finding the best opportunity; it's about making an impact so you get the job. This article focuses on when to start, how to research and preparing for the interview once you get a call. 


Business Internships Abroad

Students interested in fulfilling a passion to work overseas will find dozens of business internships that are both exciting and not as competitive as US-based internships. 


2016 Business Internships

This website is known for providing amazing results for a number of college students looking for internships. 


This resource can help users find an internship in a specific field and in a specific geographic area. 


International Business Internships

Students can go overseas to learn about another culture while gathering business experience and expertise.


Do Unpaid Internships Lead to Jobs?

This article helps explore the benefits of unpaid internships and if they will help graduates in their careers. 


The 11 Best U.S. Companies for Students to Get Summer Internships

Consulting, high tech, entertainment and big business are just a few of the areas where students can work one of the “best” internships in the country. This site even ranks the companies and their interview difficulty, as reported by former interns. 


How to Land Your Dream Internship

Take a look at some of the most frowned-upon mistakes and avoid the pitfalls as you look and interview for your dream internship.

Groups & Networking

Professional organizations and networking groups are two important pillars of business. They help recent college graduates meet others, network in the industry and learn more about their field. Professional associations are also great resources for job searches and professional development opportunities.

American Management Association

The AMA is a large conglomerate and provides individual, corporate and small business memberships, but also memberships for students! Benefits include discounted continuing education and seminars and access to publications and contact information (depending on which membership you have).

American Business Women's Association

Women in business gain support throughout their careers at the ABWA. They receive leadership training, professional development and national recognition as well as funding in the form of scholarships for continuing education.

Business Professionals of America

With more than 40,000 members in 23 states, the BPA is the top career and technical student organization for those who are pursuing careers in business fields. Students benefit from skills in leadership, citizenship, academics and technological skills.

International Chamber of Commerce

If your company is large, or has a global reach, you might want to join the ICC. To become a member, you have to go through an application process, but afterward you will have access to a huge amount of information and resources that can help you operate globally.

National Black MBA Association

The largest non-profit organization advocating for minority business professionals, the NBMBAA is a dynamic group of more than 9,000 members. Benefits include educational assistance, career development and innovative continuing education opportunities.

National Business Association

The NBA is a great asset for business owners and managers looking to support themselves. Their membership includes support with health care for owners and employees, financial guidance and even legal counsel depending on which level you choose.

National Business Education Association

The NBEA is a great resource for anyone who is teaching business on a high school or college level. This association updates you on new progress in business, updates on teaching methods and advocates for more business education all around.

National Business Honor Society

For those who are still in high school but have achieved a lot in the field of business, the NBHS is a high honor and a sign of true commitment to one's future career. Membership into this society allows you to be recognized nationally, and will look great on a college resume.

National Federation of Independent Business

The NFIB comes with tons of benefits for members, including discounts on travel, office products, and even HR and legal support. This unique association is designed to advocate for small business and provide resources to keep them afloat in an age of “Big Business.”

National Small Business Association

Members get to enjoy health care support and discounts, as well as discounts on a number of other business-related products.


Your college's alumni group: Your alma mater is a great place to get started networking. You already have something in common with all its members and many business leaders turn to alumni organizations first when looking for job candidates—because they know you received a quality education. 


Networking Tips and Techniques

From defining what networking actually is to how to use body language and marketing to your advantage, this website is full of helpful resources and tips. 


 10 Tips for Successful Business Networking

If you're new to networking, you'll quickly find that it's an art and a skill. This article walks you through some of the things you can do to be successful. 



This international networking organization has the philosophy of “Giver's Gain.” The theory is that if you help someone grow their business, they will do the same for you. 


Free Networking for Ivy League Grads

If you attended an Ivy League school, you qualify to be a part of this exclusive group that meets in several major cities around the world. 



If you're not already on this professional online network, it's time! Think of LinkedIn as your living, breathing online resume—and then treat it as such. You can post professional articles you've authored and stay in touch with other professionals. 


Recent Graduates

With 64 groups across the globe, this MeetUp group will help connect you to others in your situation—recent graduates who are trying to make a professional name for themselves. 



Practice your public speaking skills while rubbing shoulders with business leaders in your area. Toastmasters helps anyone become a more confident speaker and hone leadership skills. 


Chamber of Commerce

Each community has its own chamber of commerce, which is a great place to network with other professionals in your area. The Chamber also keeps members informed about policies and business news. 


Networking 101 for New Grads

Don't get intimidated by networking; it could cost you your first job out of college. This article helps new grads get out of their comfort zone and learn how to break the ice with potential connections.

Industry News & Scholarship

Industry journals and news magazines help professionals stay on top of trends and read current research in the field. There are many out there—from local business weeklies to daily business journals.

Business Insider

Latest news from politics and strategy to finance and technology.

Business News Daily

Daily tips and news articles about what's trending in the business world today. Readers can start or grow a business, learn how to lead a team or hunt for new opportunities.


This website isn't just for those looking for an entrepreneurship opportunity. It offers business and networking tips, leadership insights and general articles that are geared to all business professionals.

Fortune's 5 Key Business Trends to Master in 2016

Business is changing in 2016 and Fortune informs readers of new vocabulary, changes in health care and how to scale up.

Small Business Trends

Staying on top of business news and trends is a challenge when you run a small business. This website keeps you updated on marketing, management, technology and finance—everything they need to stay afloat in the small business marketplace.

Small Business Trends on Facebook

This Facebook page helps to bring together business professionals and entrepreneurs to share tips, news and trends.

TrendHunter Business

Find out about trends in all corners of business, including tech, design, culture and luxury. It includes a business trend report, interviews by industry professionals and a list of books for business leaders.

Academy of Management Journal

Good reading for management scholars, the articles in the AMJ help to build management practice using empirical methods. It is published six times a year.

Academy of Management Review

One of the most frequently cited management and business journals, AMR publishes conceptual work being done in the management arena. It is published quarterly.

American City Business Journals

Published in 43 major cities across the U.S., ACBJ offers local business news to more than 3.6 million readers each month and 10 million online readers.

Business Economics Journal

Leaders in business economics revere this publication as one of the most highly regarded in the field. It publishes peer-reviewed articles from authors in higher education, policy and commerce.

Business Ethics Quarterly

Published by Cambridge University, this scholarly journal publishes theoretical and empirical research that relates to business ethics, corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability.

Harvard Business Review

Published 10 times a year, HBR is a management magazine dedicated to improving the way people manage businesses and others.

International Journal of Business and Management

This monthly academic journal publishes articles on a broad range of business topics, including auditing, finance, accounting manufacturing, telecommunications and other related fields.

Journal of Management

A peer-reviewed journal, JOM covers business strategy, policy, entrepreneurship, organizational theory and research methods.

Journal of Management Studies

This internationally-respected journal focuses on management research, helping to advance the knowledge of management and organizations.

Leadership Quarterly

Published by the International Leadership Association, this journal's content focuses on political, social and behavioral science for scholars, consultants, executives and administrators.

Wall Street Journal

A hub for business and finance news, this daily newspaper also includes information about tech, the economy, politics, arts and life.

Apps, Tools & Tech in Business

The business world is very high-tech today, and students and current professionals alike are fairly adept at finding new tools to help save time and do business more efficiently. Whether it's an app for your smartphone or an online tool, you're sure to find some resources that will help you through college and your job search.


Record meetings, your latest and greatest idea, or your to-do list for the day, you can then send your recordings to you or your colleagues vie email or Dropbox. Available on Android or iOS


Keep annoying sales calls from disturbing meetings and your personal time. Call blocker will automatically forward calls to voice mail, reject calls or reply with an auto-text. Available only in Android


If you spend a lot of time in large parking lots or garages (think: airport, highrise office building), you might need some help finding your car. This Android app guides you back to your car in no time! 


Most professionals have expense reports to fill out, or non-refundable expenses that they can claim on taxes. Expensify gives you a handy way to track these, right from the palm of your hand. Available in Android and iOS.


A note-taking app with a ton of features and add-ons, you can use Evernote to take notes, store images and save web pages and then share the information across multiple devices. 


So many passwords, it's hard to remember them all. LastPass stores all your passwords and will even automatically generate new ones, when needed. Available in iOS and Android


The biggest social network for business professionals also comes in a handy app. Keep track of big names in your industry and stay connected to various professional groups. Available in Android and iOS


If you have to set up business dinners for customers, OpenTable can help you find and book a reservation at one of more than 27,000 restaurants. Available in Android and iOS


Popular for the nightlife and for those who travel frequently, Uber serves 35 cities in 14 countries. If you need a lift, simply use the app to set a pick-up location. Available in iOS and Android.


Share files with your team and manage all your files seamlessly with Dropbox. The 2 GB version is free and larger systems are affordable too.


Manage your customers, email marketing and sales leads with this online tool.OneDrive (or iCloud)

Whether you're on a PC or a Mac, you can store your files on a cloud, where you can access them from any computer that's online. To access OneDrive, you should have a Microsoft account and to use iCloud, you should have an Apple ID.


Find out what your team or your customers think about a new product, your leadership style or the competition with this online survey-building system.


If you're managing multiple projects with different teams, Trello can help keep everything organized and streamlined.


Hold conference calls with colleagues from all over the globe—from your computer or via dial-in on your phone. This inexpensive tool also allows for screenshares, so it's almost like you're in the same room.


Whether you're building your team or looking for a job yourself, ZipRecruiter is a good tool that substitutes as an HR department.

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