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Public safety administrators protect the public and direct police officers, firefighters, and emergency responders. Professionals with a degree in public safety administration can work in areas like law enforcement, emergency services, and public safety communications. In these fields, an associate degree meets the educational requirement for entry-level roles. 

Our list ranks the most affordable associate in public safety administration programs for 2021. Prospective applicants can use the ranking to identify the best fit for their budget and professional goals. This page also introduces common public safety administration courses and scholarships for students in the field.

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Associates in Public Safety FAQ's

  • What can I do with a degree in public safety administration?

    A degree in public safety administration prepares graduates for roles like fire inspector, deputy fire chief, deputy sheriff, law enforcement officer, and emergency management specialist.

  • How long does it take to get a bachelor's degree in public administration?

    Earning a bachelor’s degree in public administration generally takes four years of full-time study. Transfer students or those in an accelerated program may earn their degree sooner.

  • What does public safety include?

    Public safety encompasses diverse fields such as law enforcement, emergency services, and public safety communications.

  • How many credits do you need for an associate degree?

    Typically, an associate degree requires 60 credits and takes about two years of full-time study to complete.

Why Get a Degree in Public Safety Administration?

A public safety administration degree offers several personal and professional benefits, including opportunities for career advancement, leadership training, and increased earning potential.

Career Advancement
Public safety administration programs train first responders and law enforcement officers for leadership roles like fire inspector, deputy chief, and emergency management specialist.
Online associate in public safety degrees give students the flexibility to balance their studies with personal and professional obligations.
Higher Earning Potential
Administrative roles generally pay strong salaries. An associate in public safety administration helps candidates qualify for administrative roles.
Leadership Training
A degree in public safety administration provides focused leadership training that prepares graduates for specialized careers.
The online learning format offers an accessible route to a college degree. Online learners can attend top programs nationwide without relocating.

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Courses in Public Safety Administration

Public safety administration courses strengthen leadership and planning skills. Learners also build analytical, strategic planning, and critical thinking abilities. Within a public safety administration program, students may specialize their training through coursework in emergency management, fire safety administration, and law enforcement administration. Some programs incorporate an internship to give students real-world experience.

This section introduces courses commonly found in public safety administration associate programs.

  • Introduction to Public Safety Administration

    This course covers public safety administration duties, current issues in the field, and the history of public safety administration. Learners also study leadership strategies, management roles, and current challenges in the field. The course prepares majors for more specialized public safety administration coursework.

  • Public Safety Planning

    This course explores the role of planning in public safety administration. Students examine topics such as strategic planning, resource allocation, and operational planning. The course trains graduates to design, implement, and evaluate public safety plans.

  • Strategic Public Safety Practices

    In this class, students learn strategic approaches in public safety, including risk identification, hazard management, and quality control. Learners also examine industry standards for public safety practice and best practices for customer service.

  • Public Safety Leadership

    This course examines prominent public safety leadership theories and practices. The course covers leadership roles in public safety, core traits of leaders, and the evaluation process to determine a leader’s performance. While surveying techniques and leadership philosophies, learners develop their own leadership styles.

  • Ethics in Public Safety Administration

    Learners in this class study moral and ethical issues in public safety administration. Topics include ethical behavior for public safety leaders, institutional codes of ethics, and organizational culture. The course also covers the role of ethics in public safety. Learners study different codes of ethics and develop their own ethics statement.

Scholarships for Public Safety Administration Students

Professional associations, private foundations, and other organizations award scholarships to students earning an associate in public safety administration. In addition to the following opportunities, students can research scholarships based on factors like their state, college, and career goals.

  • Richard L. Resurreccion Public Safety Scholarship

    Who Can Apply: Applicants enrolled in an associate program at a regionally accredited school who hold a minimum 3.5 GPA qualify for this scholarship. Eligibility also requires a Phi Theta Kappa membership.

    Amount: Varies

    Explore Here

  • IAFCF Scholarships

    Who Can Apply: The International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation offers scholarships for first responders pursuing a degree, including students in associate degree in public safety administration programs.

    Amount: Varies

    Explore Here

  • APCO Scholarships

    Who Can Apply: The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials awards several scholarships, including the Silent Key Scholarship and the Commercial Advisory Council Scholarship. The awards support public safety leaders.

    Amount: Varies

    Explore Here

Most Affordable Online Associate in Public Safety Administration Programs 2021

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