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College expenses add up. Affording tuition, books, and basic living expenses often requires strategy and balance. Fortunately, many businesses realize the vital part that college attendees play in the economy, so they offer incentives to spend through student discounts. Additionally, college campuses often support students through financial aid and health services.

This guide offers information about campus perks and student discounts that can make attending college more affordable.

The Best Student Deals and Where to Find Them

Students may struggle to access certain perks and benefits if they don’t know what types to inquire about. This section introduces common student discounts, deals, and other student perks.

On-Campus Benefits

Health Services
Health services represent one of the most valuable benefits that students can receive from schools. At health services centers on campus, students can meet with doctors and nurse practitioners at little or no cost. These professionals can write prescriptions, analyze blood work, and refer patients to specialists, if necessary.
Career Centers
College career centers can connect learners with paid internships, on-campus jobs, and degree-related part-time jobs. They may also offer coaching on how to make an impressive resume and succeed during an interview.
Complimentary Gym Membership
Many campuses host a recreation center. Some campus recreation centers offer only basic workout equipment, while others may include rock climbing walls, indoor swimming pools, and saunas. Since this perk varies so much between campuses, students should research the facilities at their prospective schools.
Financial Aid Services
Financial aid services offices help students access financial aid opportunities, such as loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study programs. For instance, students can use this service to learn about campus-sponsored scholarships.
Alumni Associations
Students can check with their school’s alumni association to discover financial aid opportunities. Alumni often set up scholarship funds for students at their alma mater. Alumni may also connect students with paid internship opportunities.

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College Student Discounts and Benefits

In addition to discounts and benefits from their school, students can access perks from third-party businesses. This section introduces popular financial resources, travel discounts, and retail perks for students. Students can also ask individual businesses about any student discounts they may offer. Typically, businesses request to see a student identification card before providing a discount.


  • College Discount App This app makes it easy to locate chain stores that offer student discounts. Using discounts found on this app and a reasonable budget, college students can often afford to spend money on entertainment and other non-necessities without draining their bank accounts.
  • You Need a Budget Software This app helps people create budgets and monitor their finances. Students can access it at no cost. According to the company, on average, users save $600 in their first two months of using the app and more than $6,000 in their first year.
  • Discover it® for Students Applying for auto and home loans requires a credit check, as does renting a home in some circumstances. College students can start building their credit history with responsible credit usage. The Discover it® for Students card requires no annual fees, includes cashback deals, and rewards learners for good grades.


  • StudentUniverse Students who want to study abroad or simply travel for leisure should look into StudentUniverse. This website connects current students with affordable flights, hotels, and tours. The site also posts helpful articles on topics like how to prepare for a trip.
  • Amtrak You do not always need to fly to reach an exciting destination. Traveling by train with Amtrak can potentially save you hundreds of dollars compared to flying. Additionally, Amtrak offers a 15% student discount.
  • HTH Students Purchasing travel insurance requires an upfront cost, but it could prevent a large hospital bill in the future. HTH Students provides affordable travel health insurance designed with learners in mind.


  • Amazon Student Prime Students can save on gas and shipping costs with Amazon Student Prime. The student version comes with the same perks as the full-price version but at a lower price. College students can choose to pay an annual fee of $59 or a monthly fee of $12.99.
  • Levi's Levi's makes long-lasting jeans, so one pair can last a few years. The company offers students a 25% discount on its apparel.
  • FedEx The next time you need to ship a parcel through FedEx, show your student identification card. FedEx offers a 30% college discount on FedEx Envelop/Pak and 20% off packaging with FedEx IP.

Software and Electronics

  • Apple Apple offers special student pricing to make owning a reliable laptop attainable for students. Although most Apple products cost more than budget brands, these electronics tend to last for several years with proper maintenance.
  • Microsoft Azure This cloud computing service helps aspiring web developers create apps. Students can try Azure Dev Tools for Teaching for free and receive a $100 credit for the service.
  • Academic Superstore This retail site makes it easy for students to find the lowest price on academic tools and software. Students can search by brand or category.


  • eCampus By using eCampus, students can save up to 90% on textbooks, according to the company. Learners can buy new, used, and virtual books on this site. Students can also sell their used books to eCampus for cash.
  • Chegg Chegg also offers up to 90% off of textbooks. Additionally, the site offers flashcards, a plagiarism checker, and an internship database.
  • Campus Book Rentals Campus Book Rentals makes it simple to rent and sell textbooks. Students who rent books through this site can still highlight and take notes inside the book.

Professional Organizations

  • The One Club Learners studying a creative field, like art direction or writing, may benefit from joining The One Club. This organization hosts award shows and allows members to show off their portfolios on the site. In addition, students benefit from a reduced membership price of $95.
  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners This professional organization brings together current and aspiring nurse practitioners. Members receive exclusive discounts, a free subscription to an industry journal, and free continuing education hours.
  • American Public Health Association Health and science majors should consider joining the American Public Health Association. Members receive access to three scholarly industry journals, professional development resources, and a networking community.
  • National Association of Student Personnel Administrators This organization welcomes aspiring and current student affairs professionals. Members gain access to scholarship, grant, and professional development opportunities.

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